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Thread: DWtS In The Media

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    Re: DWtS In The Media

    You know, I tried hard to like Maksim this past season, since so many of my friends here did, and I didn't want to dislike someone they liked. And at the beginning, I liked him a bit better than previous seasons. But then as season 4 ran on, I liked him less and less, and every time I've heard him open his mouth, his ship just sank lower and lower in my eyes. I'm sorry, but I really do actively dislike this guy now. His arrogance is just very unattractive to me, nor do I think his penchant for strutting around sticking out his chest is sexy. On the contrary, I think he's very much NOT sexy when he does that all the time. He really is too full of himself, and that's a real turnoff for me.

    I'm sorry, my pals, I really did try to like him
    I live in my own world. But it's ok, they know me there.
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    Re: DWtS In The Media

    I don't have a problem with Maksim. He's got it and not afraid to flaunt it, and I admire it when people are who they are without apology.

    Still, I think he crosses the line a little bit between confidence and arrongance and I hope he tones it down before he puts everyone off.

    Plus, he doesn't do it for everyone. I can understand how some people think he's attractive, but he's not my style.

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