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Thread: 01/28 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 01/28 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by weary;2780418;
    The problem for me is that while SYTYCD and DWTS show people trying to master various dance styles, this show concentrates on one style alone, and it's the style i have the least interest in. So no matter how good the dancers/singers get, this pop music video machine is not going to replace those other dance shows for me.
    That's actually a good point, weary, and I'd never even thought of that before you mentioned it. One of the problems might be the lack of variety. Very astute observation, my weary friend. That would indeed tend to narrow the viewer demographic too much for the broad appeal all new shows need.

    Did you by chance catch that weird Diana Ross segment on E! about 3 months ago where she was asked what she thought about DWtS and she said she loved it and was talking to her business partner about a new concept for a show that featured disco dancing only? That's all she said, didn't elaborate, and I haven't heard anything more about it, but that would be almost the same concept... just one style of dancing for an entire show might get old fast, and might not appeal to a very broad demographic. I'd watch it, I think, for a few episodes just to hear the music and relive my disco years for a while, but not sure it'd keep my interest for a whole season. I think you're probably right in that variety is needed to build a solid viewer base.
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    Re: 01/28 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by oongaboonga;2781037;
    Agreed. But for me it's just the choice of numbers here - I think if the songs felt more modern it wouldn't be so bad. Again, that's what I like about Dance War is that there's a lot of motown and a lot of hip-hop and things from the last few decades that have some soul. American Idol is all long sustained high notes...

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    I actually like both shows. AI gives me some amazing vocalist, but people that usually need help with dancing,imaging...all the hollywood magic. With DW the contestants are expected to have it all and deliver. My favs are Chris, Qis and Mariel. Qis and Mariel are a cute couple aren't they?!

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