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Thread: Mariel - Dance War

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    Mariel - Dance War


    Raised in Chicago, Mariel's parents divorced when she was young. Her Dad is very encouraging of her dream to be a professional dancer and despite not having much money supports her financially. Her grandmother on her dad's side has been battling cancer and when Mariel told her about moving to California and going to the Pop Academy her grandma gave her the money she was saving for cancer treatments. She said she has already seen the world and is at the end of life, and that Mariel is just beginning hers. Mariel now lives in Hollywood with her brother.

    Mariel has been singing competitively since she was 13 years old but only recently started vocal and dance training. She is a full time student at the Hollywood Pop Academy where she has mostly been concentrating on hip-hop with her dancing. The style of singing she prefers is R&B/soul.

    CHARACTER SYNOPSIS: Mariel is very driven. Since her grandmother gave her the money to come out here, she feels she absolutely has to succeed. Mariel can be somewhat shy, but definitely not when she is performing. She will be a team player in a group. She will help others and get along with everyone. She has a nurturing personality and is a very pleasant person. Mariel has a competitive streak, and enjoys the way competition pushes one to be their best.

    APPLICATION INFORMATION: Mariel is a very spiritual person. When asked what inspired her to want to perform, she said, "It took me a long time to recognize that singing was not only a blessing, but a way for God to say he trusts me to use my voice for the right reasons. It is a symbol of his belief in me. To perform will be to share that gift ." When asked why she thought she should be chosen for the show, she simply stated, "I will entertain you! Trust me." When asked what inspired her to audition for the show, she said, "I want to perform! This is a way to be seen and I see a lot of opportunities that could stem from this show, not to mention the training opportunity."

    She goes on to say "I want to outperform myself! I want to get my dancing up to par with my singing, but I also want to be further trained vocally so that my singing will become even stronger."

    Mariel feels the most comfortable dancing Hip Hop, but only because it is the main style of dance taught at the Hollywood Pop Academy. She says she was inspired to dance by her love of singing. She says, "I want to be as well-rounded a performer as I can be." Mariel feels she excels in a genre somewhere in between R&B and Soul and does not excel in opera. She goes on to say, "I sing because it symbolizes love to me." She goes on to explain how being of Asian/Pacific Islander descent has made it difficult for her to break into the industry and hopes this experience will bring her into peoples' homes, "in the least threatening way possible." She is proud of the fact that she is "drama-free," but thinks her worst quality is being too critical of her own performances. What scares her most about performing is having to open herself up because she considers herself a shy person.

    Dance War - Bios - ABC.com

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    Re: Mariel - Dance War

    I'd never watched Dance Wars until last night. I don't really like it. It has a worried, desperation to it that gives me second hand embarrassment. It's not funny like bad Idol auditions or nail biting like Dancing with the Stars. It's like a high school trying to put on a review. However, this girl can sing her ass off!! I hope she has tremendous success!

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