Tony grew up in a military family, with both parents in the Air Force. His mother had been a b-girl street dancer when she was young and she has been his primary influence to dance. His parents divorced when he was young, but he remained close to both of them. When he was a child he suffered from seizures due to a head injury. This caused him to be in and out of hospitals growing up. He has lived in England, Texas, Hawaii, North Carolina, Florida, Washington D. C., and now resides in Los Angeles, CA. He had always dreamt of coming to L.A. to achieve his dream of performing, and moved here on his own with just $600 and a garbage bag of clothes. When he first arrived he had no place to stay and was homeless for a month.

Tony was first influenced to dance when he saw a hip-hop group called "Culture Shock" perform. When he moved to Washington, D.C. he joined their group at age 16. He has also toured with Ginuwine as a backup dancer. Tony was always singing growing up, but received formal training when he was in his high school chorus. When he was 16 he had a song on a local radio station in North Carolina. When he lived in Hawaii he was in a choir group that sang backup for Yolanda Adams (gospel) and P. Diddy. The styles of singing he prefers are R&B, gospel, and jazz. Tony is currently a hip-hop and house instructor at Debbie Reynolds in North Hollywood, CA.

Tony is very outgoing and has a fun personality. He is strong willed, well rounded and adapts well to new situations. Growing up in an Air Force family, he was forced to quickly adjust to new places and people, which has helped him to work well with others. He will get comfortable with the other contestants quicker than most. He is a hard worker and will do what he needs to do to achieve his goals.

Tony feels he should be chosen for the show because of, "a dream and a mother's vision." He also lists his mother as his inspiration to dance, along with Tony Maher, one of his former dance teachers. He feels he excels in hip hop and house. He claims to have 2 years of dance training through high school and enjoys singing R&B, gospel, and jazz. His singing inspirations are Stevie Wonder, Bilal, Musiq, Kim Burrel, and the Clark Sisters. He hopes to gain knowledge from his experience on the show and the most significant moment in his life was moving to LA. He is most proud of the fact that he has been able to make enough money to live on his own after a tough start in Los Angeles. He also only considers himself to be competitive with himself. He enjoys sharing his talent, but fears judgement when he performs.

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