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Thread: Phillip - Dance War

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    Phillip - Dance War


    BACKGROUND: Phillip was raised in Sterling, Virginia where he lived with his parents (his Dad owns a landscaping company) and three siblings until he went to college. Phillip's life is centered around his Christian upbringing. His mother home schooled the four kids until they reached eighth grade in an effort to provide a better education and keep the family close together. Every day they sat around the dining room table where she would deliver all the lessons. In the afternoons the kids would run around their huge back yard climbing trees and playing sports. Phillip made friends through church until he attended the local public school where he was involved in wresting, musical theatre, and show choir.

    After high school Phillip went on to James Madison University as a music major. He paid for half his tuition with the money he had saved working summers back home. Phillip's younger brother also attended the same college and they would often write and perform music together. His older brother was in the Navy for six years on confidential missions that he can't disclose to the family. After graduating college, Phillip moved to Nashville to pursue his music career. In addition to singing and dancing, Phillip plays the drums and writes his own music. To pay the rent he works as a server on a dinner cruise.

    CHARACTER SYNOPSIS: Phillip is articulate, masculine, smart, and soulful. A favourite of Bruno's, Phillip might become a big threat to some of the other male contestants.

    APPLICATION INFORMATION: Phillip is very spiritual and when asked what inspired him to be a performer, he responded, "I feel my gifts are from God, and that's where my inspiration comes from." He is proud of the fact that he moved to Nashville with no job and not knowing anyone. When asked why he should be chosen for the show, he said, "Some people specialize in either dance or voice, but I feel I do both very well, which is what this show appears to be all about." Phillip feels he excels in hip-hop, jazz, Latin, and ballroom dancing, but also has training in tap and swing. He notes that he has been naturally attracted to the dance floor all his life and that dancing is a God given gift that he feels a desire to share and enjoy.

    Phillip has been singing for 8 years and feels he excels in pop, soul, and R&B. He says his least favourite style of singing is Hard Rock, but doesn't even consider that singing. When asked what inspires him to sing, "Music is one thing I can do that I know brings great joy not only to me but to others as well. Music speaks in ways that words alone never could." Phillip lists getting runner-up in the state wrestling tournament or graduating college as his greatest accomplishments. He hopes to get an opportunity to share and strengthen his gifts, and meet new people from this experience. He lists giving his life to Christ as the most significant moment in his life. When asked about his best qualities, he says he is friendly, attentive to others and their needs, quick witted, a fast learner, and a hard worker. When asked about his worst qualities, he says, "There is nothing quality about the worst in me." Phillip feels he is a competitive person, which pushes him to be better at what he does. He loves to see smiles when he performs, but fears forgetting the words.

    Dance War - Bios - ABC.com

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    Re: Phillip - Dance War

    I love this guy, but did anybody notice how he seemed to want to take off his jacket last night (he kept playing around with it last night). I hope he makes it far.
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