BACKGROUND: Maxx was born in Cincinnati, OH then moved to his grandparent's farm when he was 3. One year later his parents moved again settling into a suburb of Memphis. Maxx's dad is a trucker and his mom is a speech therapist both of whom Maxx describes as "hippies." In exchange for dance lessons, his mom would give speech therapy to the owner of his dance studio's autistic son. He is still close to his grandparents and spends every Sunday at their farm helping with chores. Maxx says being a farm hand isn't his favorite thing but he admits to having skills in agriculture and cows. Growing up he suffered from ADHD and visual perceptual learning difficulties which made attending public school difficult. In the 9th and 10th grade his learning disabilities became so insurmountable that he was home schooled. One of his references mentioned that Maxx was teased for dancing when he was young.

In Memphis, Maxx performs in the New Ballet ensemble and a Sub-cultural hip hop group. He has a history in tumbling and gymnastics, which has helped him to specialize in aerials. Maxx also teaches jazz and hip-hop and only started training in dance when he was 14. Maxx writes his own music and poetry, performs at local clubs, and is trained in opera.

CHARACTER SYNOPSIS: A bit quiet and reserved but really comes out of shell when on stage. Maxx seems to be a true artist- driven by his ability to express himself and connect to people through dance. He's got a really cool funky style that sets him apart

APPLICATION INFORMATION: When asked why he should be chosen for the show, he said, "I have good energy for TV. I love to dance and perform." He lists hip-hop and lyrical as his top dance styles, though he has had 4 years of ballet training and 3 years of jazz and tap. He says there is no style of dance he does not like. When asked what or who inspires him to dance, he lists Michael Jackson and goes on to say, "Day to day life gives me a reason to be creative. Different pieces of art and music inspire me to find new and different ways to interpret movement."

He enjoys singing soul music and does not list any least favourite styles of singing. He says his proudest accomplishment is, "growing to be a person my parents are proud of." He hopes that this experience will be, "a jumpstart for my career so that I can accomplish my goals artistically." Besides dance, he enjoys creative writing, filmmaking, and music production/engineering. When asked about his best and worst qualities, he lists, "perpetually in motion," under both categories. He considers himself a competitive person but he is not proud of it. When asked what most excites him about dance, he says it is his most Zen time (he is a self-proclaimed Buddhist according to his MySpace pace). He lists, "fear of being judged," as his biggest fear about performing. Maxx has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

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