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Thread: Lacey - Dance War

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    Lacey - Dance War


    BACKGROUND: Lacey was born and grew up in Jackson, Mississippi and lived with her Mum and 2 sisters. They moved around quite a lot and Lacey had attended 12 different schools by the time they settled in Indiana during Lacey's senior year of high school. Despite moving to different schools Lacey still managed to have a healthy extra curricular agenda, performing on dance teams, in colour guard and in musicals.

    Lacey has strong religious beliefs and says she feels very close to God. After attending college for one year, Lacey decided to put her education on hold and focus on a professional dance career. Lacey's mom supported this decision while her biological father was more hesitant. Her Step-dad wanted Lacey to continue her college education and secure a stable vocation.

    In recent years, Lacey's family relocated to Nashville and Lacey's Mom and Step-dad have been a big support in paying for her dancing lessons and travel to auditions. In the last year Lacey has auditioned for a number of gigs and has been successful in several. Lacey is not currently working but she does teach dance in Nashville from time to time.

    CHARACTER SYNOPSIS: Shy, sweet, really comes alive on stage.

    APPLICATION INFORMATION: Lacey grew up in the Church and a lot of her passion to perform comes from her faith and spirituality. When asked what inspired her to audition for the show, she said, "GOD, life, dance, passion, Shane Sparks, and Chris Taylor." She lists, "Being close to God," as her greatest accomplishment and, "receiving the Holy Spirit," as the most significant moment in her life.

    She feels she excels in hip-hop and jazz dancing and when asked what inspires her to dance, she said, "Dance first off helps me stay sane. I am someone beautiful when I dance. No one can let me down when I dance."

    Lacey has been singing in school choirs since the second grade and has won numerous awards for solo and group choir competitions. She lists R&B, pop, and gospel as her favourite singing styles and country and yodelling as her least.

    Lacey hopes to make up for her mediocre performance in high school, whether she takes college classes on-line or in person.

    When asked what she hopes to gain from this experience, she responded, "I hope to get experience, joy, pleasure, time doing what I really like to do, and the people, songs, and new dances I'll meet."

    She listed acting, singing, and dancing as her favourite hobbies.

    Lacey claims that her best qualities are: listening, the fact that she is a quick learner, her social nature, and her sense of understanding. She lists her worst qualities as being impatient, that she sometimes day dreams too much, and that she is, "afraid I might disappoint my instructors, God, professors, etc." She says that she can be competitive, but that she enjoys the experience of competing much more. She also says that she enjoys the excitement of performing, but is afraid of not being good enough.

    Dance War - Bios - ABC.com

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    Re: Lacey - Dance War

    She is already my favorite. I hope she makes it far!

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