BACKGROUND: Kelsey was born, raised, and currently lives in Monroe, LA where she teaches at her mother's dance studio.. Kelsey eventually aspires to open a dance studio of her own .

Kelsey comes from a close family- she lives with her Mom and Dad and has one older sister in college. She spent her entire childhood focused on dance-. Kelsey's been dancing under her mother's tutelage since she was a small child and admits that her mom was very hard on her dancing all her life. Having to share her Mom with all the kids at the studio was challenging even though they've always had a close relationship. Throughout high school Kelsey performed in choirs, musicals, and was on the cheerleading squad. Her days would start at the crack of dawn and end at 11pm at night. At this time Kelsey won a number of awards and scholarships for dance. High school ended and Kelsey went to teach for her mom full time.

Kelsey finally had her first break when she signed to be performer on the Celebrity Cruise line. On and off between 2005-2007, In her second season, she was named dance captain of the group. In March she returned to Monroe and is back teaching at mom's studio.

Kelsey came to the Nashville audition with two dancer friends and only one other, Megan Coleman, made it to the callbacks.

She's a natural born leader, driven, confident, outgoing, charismatic. Passionate about dancing and finding success.

APPLICATION INFORMATION: Kelsey's one and only inspiration for dancing is her mother. She states, "she [my mother] was always there for me in every aspect of my dancing, pushing me to be the best. I always danced from the heart because of her." She goes on to say, "I not only dance for myself, I dance for her. I always want to make her proud." Kelsey comes from a very small town that is dedicated to sports. She says it was expensive for her to learn dance because she had to travel so far to learn beyond her mother's studio. She feels she should be chosen for the show because, "I am dedicated to my work. I am a versatile dancer, which is something that is needed to be successful. I work with people well and I dance and perform from the HEART." She has been training in dance for 18 years and says her best styles are musical theatre and lyrical. When asked what her least favourite styles are, she said, "I love to dance. I don't really have a least favorite. I think that every type of dance is just as important as the other." While she hasn't had any professional vocal training, she was in her high school choir and lists her teacher, Greg Oden, as her inspiration to sing. She says her favourite singing styles are musical theatre and blues, but she can sing pop. When asked what she hopes to get out of this experience, she says, "I want to make this an awesome experience whether I make is all of the way or not, I want the world to feel the love I have for dance and to share the experience with them." She also says the most significant moment in her life was when Bruno asked her to sing for the first time in front of a live audience. She lists her three favourite hobbies as, "Shopping, shopping, and shopping (I dance so much that's all I have time for!)." She says her strengths are being compassionate yet strong and her weakness is caring too much what people think. When asked what scares her about performing, she said, "I don't get scared! I get motivated!" She doesn't list any special skills or sports because, "I never really tried much else because I loved to dance so much!"

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