BACKGROUND: Elizabeth was fostered then adopted as a baby into a loving, supportive, big family (4 kids of their own). Her dad is a retired police officer and mom stays at home. Growing up Elizabeth rode horses and loved to play with her older brothers who have all served in the military. Now that everyone is grown up with kids of their own, the Huetts get together every Sunday for a big family BBQ . Elizabeth still lives at home and works as a waitress at a local restaurant.

Recently her adopted brother figured out that a co-worker was Elizabeth's biological brother. As a result Elizabeth met her mom and biological brothers and sister for the first time less than a year ago. Elizabeth's adopted family is very supportive of this new union and invites her biological mom and three siblings to their big Sunday bbqs often. She feels very blessed to have been placed into such a loving home and is also overjoyed to have a relationship with her biological family and finally understands where her musical abilities come from. She can't wait for them to see her perform on a big stage for the first time.

CHARACTER SYNOPSIS: Elizabeth is extremely fiery, bright, witty, and driven. As a stronger singer than dancer she knows she has a lot of work to do on her dancing but feels confident that her voice will continue to out shine some of the other contestants. She commanded the stage during her audition and was a real crowd pleaser.

APPLICATION INFORMATION: Elizabeth felt she should be chosen for the show because, "The audience will root for me." When asked what inspired her to try out for the show, she said, "It sounded like it would take me out of my comfort zone of just singing and make me work. Hopefully the hard work will pay off!"

She has been taking voice lessons off and on for 5 years and enjoys singing country, pop, and alternative. She is inspired to sing by great music on the radio and television.

The only dance training she has had is one year of jazz classes in middle school. Most of her dance experience comes from clubbing and she feels she is only good at dancing if she is taught the moves and can practice them until she gets them right. Her inspiration to dance comes from music videos because, "the style and expression that are shown these days are off the hook!"

When asked what her proudest accomplishment is, she said, "becoming part of the Huett family (adopted) and making [a] relationship with my newly found biological family." She feels the most significant moment in her life is yet to come. She feels her honesty is one of her greatest qualities but that it can also be a flaw. She feels her weakness is that she is hard on the ones she loves. She claims to love everything about performing and is undaunted by the prospect of performing in front of millions.

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