BACKGROUND: Corina has had dreams of being a performer since she can remember. She began vocal training when she was 11 years old. Shortly thereafter, when she was 13, she began her dance training. She has had training in hip-hop, ballet, jazz, and tap. The styles of singing she prefers are country, pop and R&B. She writes most of her music.

Corina was raised in Southington, Connecticut, a small suburban town in the countryside. She has a younger brother and sister but no one else in the family shares her interests in the performing arts. When Corina was young she said she was somewhat of a misfit in her family and school because of her desire to always perform. Her mother is very supportive of her career. Her father supports her, but also believes she should have a back up plan. Following dad's advice, she currently attends LAVC with a major in speech and communications. She is on the speech and debate team at her school and participates in debates every other weekend.

CHARACTER SYNOPSIS: Corina is a bubbly, funny person. She is very dedicated and determined. She loves all attention on her. In a group she will stand out and be strong. She will be competitive, but not at the expense of others.

APPLICATION INFORMATION: When asked why she should be picked for the show, she said, "I am a hard worker, determined, easy to get along with, and passionate about everything I do." She thinks the show will be a great opportunity to get her name out there and network. She has been training in dance for 8 years, and when asked which style of dance she excels in, she responded, "more hip-hop sexy like Pussycat Dolls.". She lists Michael Jackson as her inspiration to dance because he is an originator. Corina enjoys singing country, pop, and R&B. She is inspired to sing by artists like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, and Martina McBride because, "they put so much passion and emotion in what their [they're] saying and how they're expressing it." What she hopes to get out of this experience is experience. Corina says her grandmother's passing is the most significant moment in her life so far. She goes on to say, "I always used to sing and dance for her and she truly believed in me. I feel after she passed I really realized what I was here to do, what my purpose in life was and with each passing day I can only hope I'm getting that much closer to success and having her proud of me." Corina lists her best qualities as being able to read people, capable of putting a smile on someone's face, as well as communication and public speaking. She says her worst quality is being hard on herself. She adds, "I'm a perfectionist so when things don't go the way I want I get frustrated." She feels she is competitive, "to an extent," but she is the first one to offer help to someone that is struggling. She enjoys the adrenaline that comes with performing, but is scared of when important people are watching her perform.

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