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Thread: Chris - Dance War

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    Chris - Dance War


    BACKGROUND: Music and performing has been the focus of Chris's life and is what brings his family together. Both he and his little brother, AJ, live at home with their parents and have been singing and dancing together for years. Instead of playing sports, the duo perform at concerts and charity events around Los Angeles. Chris's Mom is their biggest supporter and the person who took them to all their auditions growing up.,She still comes along to as many auditions and performances as she can. Chris says that seeing his Mom makes him want to work harder.

    Chris was voted most talented student in his senior survey. He spends most of his time writing beats and trying to produce some of his own music. He has perfect pitch and loves to write harmonies to songs. He graduated high school last year and is now a music business major at CSUF.

    CHARACTER SYNOPSIS: Chris is extremely confident for his young age. He knows how to work a crowd and give a polished and mature performance.

    APPLICATION INFORMATION: Chris says that his biggest inspiration to become a performer has been his little brother. He says they are each other's biggest competition, but also each other's biggest mentor. His biggest challenge has been overcoming the criticism of his peers. When asked why he should be chosen for the show, Chris responded, "I have had a very long journey. I've started from having no connections or musical talent and made it very far. I have worked hard to this point and I feel it's my time. I would love to be a part of this show and all the talent." He as taken 6 years of hip hop and pop dance classes and feels these are the two areas in which he excels. His least favourite type of dance is ballet. What keeps him dancing is, "knowing there is always someone better and wanting to excel." Chris has also had 6 years of vocal training and likes singing R&B and pop. He claims that making the "Dance War" call backs is the moment that he is most proud of and just hopes to meet other talents people with the interests as him. He says his greatest qualities are he is responsible and respectful and that his worst quality is admitting his worst qualities. When asked what excites him and scares him the most about performing, he only wrote, "audience reaction," under both.

    Dance War - Bios - ABC.com

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    Re: Chris - Dance War

    I am really rooting for this guy. He impressed me a lot last night and seems genuine too.
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    Re: Chris - Dance War

    I almost cried when they showed that his mom had M.S. I know how bad that disease really is, its sad. Chris has a great voice and smile, I really like him.
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    Re: Chris - Dance War

    AJ Tabaldo from "American Idol 6" is his brother, right? His bio mentions his name and he looks like AJ, so I think itīs obvious, but can anybody confirm it?

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    Re: Chris - Dance War

    Quote Originally Posted by astrotronix;2754201;
    I almost cried when they showed that his mom had M.S. I know how bad that disease really is, its sad. Chris has a great voice and smile, I really like him.
    I know he's got a lot more depth I think because he has had to deal with that in his life. I was so sad when he was in the bottom two, thank goodness he made it!

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