BACKGROUND: Charity has not had formal vocal training, she learned from her father who is a Contemporary Christian singing artist. Her whole family sings all the time and Charity's preferred style to sing is R&B. She teaches 2-15 year-olds ballet, tap, tumbling, jazz, lyrical, and hip hop.

Charity has 2 sisters, one older and one twin. She is the louder, more outgoing one between her and her twin sister. Both her and her twin were involved in dancing as well as athletics, but in their senior year of high school she got more involved in dance and her sister got more involved in sports. She is very competitive with her twin by nature but shares her love of singing and dancing with older sister. When Charity graduated high school she went to Greece for 6 months to volunteer teach at a refugee school. She can speak a little bit of Spanish, Greek, French, and Chinese, but is not fluent in any of them. She values friends and family and tries not to put goals or tasks before people. She appreciates life and lives it to the fullest. Charity takes advantage of opportunities and as she puts it, wants to be a "history maker". She was originally inspired to dance by her uncle who was the head of a performance group that travelled around the country. He danced like Michael Jackson, and she knew right then that she wanted to dance like he did. Now those around her continuously inspire her. Charity dances all the time, even when there's no music and finds herself singing constantly.

CHARACTER SYNOPSIS: Outgoing, funny, confident. Charity likes to amuse others. She seems to draw people toward her with her vibrant personality. Charity is a naturally giving person. She enjoys the attention being on her.

APPLICATION INFORMATION: Charity says her biggest challenge she's had to overcome is, "Defying what the world has said is required of me to be successful, but instead I decided to go the path less travelled by, chasing dreams and living each moment instead of living each day just checking off a list." When asked why she should be chosen for the show, she said, "I love to perform, I would love to show other dreamers out there that it is possible to do the unordinary and live to the fullest doing it! Plus, I just plain love dancing and singing." She excels in lyrical and hip hop dance, even though she has been taking jazz lessons longer. She loves all dance, but feels she is most inadequate at tap. Her favourite singing style is R&B and her least is, "Yodeling ." She was first inspired to sing by, "My Pops." When asked what she hopes to get out of this experience, she said, "A new life experience where no matter what happens I can look back and say, 'wow, that just happened. I gave my all every second, had a lot of fun doing it, made an impression on the world and the people around me and made great friends doing it.'" She says she loves to make people feel comfortable and loved and she is confidant in who she is. She also feels that sometimes she gives too much of herself and people take her for granted.

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