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Thread: Bradley - Dance War

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    Bradley - Dance War


    BACKGROUND: Bradley has continually been inspired by one of his brothers, and started singing and dancing after watching him do it. He has 3 brothers and a younger sister, all of his whom are into performing arts. They are not sure where their artistic side comes from because mom and dad are not into performing. Bradley graduated high school with honors from Nashville School of the Arts. He also trained at D.C. Dance Factory in Nashville, and Chicago Multi Cultural Dance Center. He has been dancing for 8 years and his training includes jazz, hip hop, tap, and ballet. In 1996 he won "Pre-Teen Star Talent of the Year" with International Modelling & Talent Association. In 2001 he won "Best Choreography" at Nashville School of the Arts. In March 2004, Bradley was featured in Dance Magazine teaching hip hop to Nashville Ballet. For the past 8 months he has been performing on a cruise ship. He just returned and is teaching jazz at American Academy of Dance. Bradley has been singing since he was young and loves singing oldies and country music. He was encouraged to expand on his singing when he was placed in the top level of his school choir at age 10.

    Much of his inspiration to perform comes from watching his older brother, who now dances on Broadway. In the year 2000 the family's house caught fire and they lost all of their belongings. Bradley ran back in the house and saved the family dog. Bradley says this was a very difficult time in his life and they are all still recovering from it to this day. Singing has become one of Bradley's outlets for emotion when he is going through any tough situation. Bradley's goal is to "share his talent with America by giving them extraordinary entertainment".

    Bradley has a very big and vibrant personality. He is a person who others instantly feel comfortable around. He enjoys making people laugh and it shows. In a group he will be the one who supports others and encourages them. He enjoys the challenge of competition and has a competitive nature. Part of his drive is to prove to people that doubt his abilities that he can succeed.

    APPLICATION INFORMATION: When asked why he should be picked for the show, Bradley said, "Personality and Charisma! And yes, I think I can DANCE! I'm not shy at all, in fact I love the camera. Making people smile and laugh is my LIFE. I want to share my talent with the country and WIN this thing!" He feels he excels in Jazz and Hip Hop, but when asked if he has a least favourite type of dance, he says, "I honestly love EVERY style. Even if I don't feel comfortable at first with the style, I love the challenge of having to learn and perfect it." He goes on to say his least strong styles are ballet and contemporary, even though his article in Dance Magazine he studied ballet at the Chicago Multicultural Dance Center. He says he is inspired to dance by, "my family and mostly the people watching me. When I see people smiling and clapping it inspires me to continue this lifestyle because I love seeing joy in peoples' faces." He feels his best vocal style is upbeat songs and enjoys oldies and country. He says his least favourite style of singing is ballad, but can do it with lots of practice. He says he is inspired to sing because, "it fills any void during my good and bad times. So when I sing it's always been an outlet for whatever situation I would go through!!" When asked what he hopes to get out of this experience, he said he would hope this experience will open other doors for him, but he also wants to, "prove [to] the negative people in my life that I am somebody and somebody with extraordinary talent." He feels his best quality is his people skills, and his worst is his lack of patience. He concludes by saying Will Smith is the famous person that most reminds him of himself because he is "incredibly funny."

    Dance War - Bios - ABC.com

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    Re: Bradley - Dance War

    You Go Bradley!!!!!!!!!!!
    "Everyone has a Mt. Everest. ......."

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    Re: Bradley - Dance War

    I think he's the sweetest of them all.

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