BACKGROUND: Allysa started dancing in jazz classes when she was just 2 years old. She has had training in many styles, but feels she excels in hip-hop and jazz. She has won several scholarships and awards throughout her dancing. Allysa has always had dreams of being on Broadway, which influenced her to want to sing as well as dance. She did receive some vocal training when she was very young at her elementary school. She says she learns new things about her voice daily.

Allysa originally came to the auditions just as support for a friend. When she saw everyone auditioning and realized what a great opportunity the show could be she decided to go for it and audition. When Allysa graduated high school she opted to not go to college right away and moved to New York for 6 months to live with a cousin. From there she moved to Los Angeles and has been there for about a year and a half. Her mother is very supportive of her decisions and her dreams of being a performer.. Allysa would consider going back to school, but is solely focused on her career as a performer for now.

CHARACTER SYNOPSIS: Allysa is nurturing and caring by nature. She is a very proud and determined person. Allysa is aware of her uniqueness and embraces it. She says she will try her best with the competition and see what happens.

APPLICATION INFORMATION: When asked what inspired her to become a performer she did write, "I just truly love to express myself," and thought she should be chosen for the show because, "I'm beat, and people like to watch me." When asked what inspired her to apply for the show, she again mentioned the fact that she tried out by accident, but goes on to say, "I'm glad it ended up the way it did because the best things happen by accident " She has been taking dance lessons for 18 years with classes in ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop, tap and African. She is most comfortable in jazz and hip hop and states she definitely does not have a least favourite type of dance. She doesn't feel she has developed her voice enough to have a favourite style and only guesses that she wouldn't be good at singing alternative.. She is quite proud of the fact that she is living on her own and regrets nothing in her life so far.. She feels her best quality is her hard work and determination and her worst is that she is messy and unorganized. Finally, when asked what celebrity reminds her of herself, she said, "Nobody! I am not like anyone else. I am original."

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