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Thread: The Cut: 9/7 Finale Recap - He's Still Chris C. From The Block

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    The Cut: 9/7 Finale Recap - He's Still Chris C. From The Block

    We’ve made it. Whew. After what seems like eons since this show first aired, the end is nigh. So hang on faithful followers of the Hilfiger Nation. We’re just a few more years moments away from finding out who will snuggle themselves under the Hilfiger umbrella. Ready? *spirit fingers*

    There are only three designer contestants left: Liz, Chris Cortez and Princess. As a reminder for the weeks there have been gaps, we’re treated to a visual stroll down memory lane. From remodeling the Lincoln Navigator to Studio 54 to selling clothes from a truck, we’re shown how the remaining three sneaked themselves into the finals while other more worthy contestants are left to make snarky comments in confessionals.

    The battle between Liz and Princess rages on. Sometime during filming, a cameraman must have replaced Princess’s morning tea with kerosene. She is a fire breather alright and for that an exceptionally interesting lady. I would’ve rather watched thirteen weeks of Liz pissing off Princess than watch them make Pocahontas bras out of tanbark. But I digress.

    A Collection To Cover Jenny’s Ass
    Tommy rounds up the threesome at Macy’s and reminds them that this is the toughest challenge yet. Each of them will get their own front window display to show off their original collection to the 7,000 people who walk by that store in one hour alone. The winner will get a chance to design their own collection under the Tommy Hilfiger umbrella. And by umbrella, he really means a circus tent because you just know the winner is gonna be stuck in some dank basement far enough out of the empire yet close enough to drag along to a morning show appearance.

    And of course, in keeping with tradition of the standard reality television script they will get some help with their display. Gee. I wonder who the help will be? Down the escalator come the prior contestants who will be chosen to help them out. Each person chooses the following:

    Chris C.: James & Deanna
    Princess: Rob W. & Chris
    Liz: Wes & Felix

    Before they start, the three remaining finalists are having high tea with none other than Jennifer Lopez. Tommy wants them to see what it takes to build a lifestyle collection and J-Lo has done a pretty good job cornering the market on that lately. She’s cornered quite a few other things as well if you know what I mean, but really…she’s just Jenny from the block.

    The questions asked were pretty cheesy if you ask me. I think it was more of a photo op for J-Lo and less tips for the contestants. It was a short sit-down as Marc Antony yanked on her leash and she had to go back to being the subservient wife he wants her to be.

    The Dawn of the Mannequin
    The nerves are setting in by day two. Chris is really feeling the anxiety because there are no do-overs after this. He is shooting for a tornado theme- street signs and other city objects are strewn around with a neatly dressed mannequin in the center. Liz is still clueless as ever and Princess is making sure the mannequins are cleaned up for display.

    As the other two begin assembling their outfits, Princess calls the mannequin company to see when her ‘quins are going to be ready. Turns out they closed an hour beforehand and never called her. A-ha! Yet another reality television plot twist. You know- the one where the producers sabotage a contestant in order to make the plot thicken. This happens just before the one that is being portrayed as being in a state of disarray is suddenly crowned the winner.

    But this is The Cut…not your ordinary show. No, this time Princess calls up a fur shop and she gets not only three mannequins but walks out with a pink lynx fur coat. Damn…holla at ya girl, yo!

    Day three: it is not all fair weather and following seas. Liz is in total breakdown. Chris is having difficulty piecing together his window and Princess is rolling around naked in her fur coat while her team members are drilling and sawing; getting their display together.

    Everything Is Chic…Except For The Actual Clothes
    Liz actually has a cool concept. Instead of mannequins, she has two smoking hot red headed twins who will do the modeling in the window. The only problem is that the clothes have not arrived from seamstress’s workshop. She is the only one sewing and santa Liz has not given her any other elves for help. But never fear you Liz followers. The clothes arrived right on cue with one minute to spare.

    Tommy pulled out all the stops for this episode. First J-Lo and now Naomi Campbell. Tommy thought it would be good for Naomi to lend an expert shopper’s opinion. Yeah, as if Naomi would ever buy a pair of jeans that will be retailed for $19.99.

    First up is Liz. She created a collection that is a take on the modern working woman. Her designs include a nice red sleeveless dress, a pair of sexy pajamas and a watered down business ensemble.

    Princess follows with an urban chic wardrobe. She added a mix of sultry, sexy, street and savvy. She made sure to let Naomi know that all the little add-ons were imported. Sorry kiddo, when that blazer goes on sale for thirty bucks, the beyotch of the runway is going to pass right on by to Prada. But still, it was a nice collection and I was just poking some fun at our cute and lovable Princess.

    Chris is the last to go and proudly explains his vintage-to-urban collage. He mixes wool, tweed, cashmere and transforms it into wearable clothing for the urban terrain. I like it. As a wearer of Tommy H myself, I would definitely pick up his pants and shirt he made.

    Tommy and Naomi head off for some raw, sweaty, passionate clothing discussion. The viewers at home? We’re treated to a commercial about herpes. Man, life isn’t fair.

    The final style forum has arrived. I’ve finally succumbed to realizing that there won’t be any gladiator-like fighting despite the look that it presents.

    Tommy lets the remaining three a few final thoughts. Basically, they say exactly the same thing as mentioned above. Tommy likes Liz’s clothes but they are too plain. They lack something unusual and innovating. Princess has what Liz doesn’t, but her clothing would be too hard to mass produce. Tommy comments to Chris that he likes his forward thinking but not everyone can afford cashmere so that limits his customer base.

    In the end though, it is Chris who wins the day. Like teammate Deanna said, Chris’s collection is where Hilfiger is going. So now that this show has finally ended, Chris can get back to work and make me some shirts…and sweaters too. It’ll be winter soon and I get cold quickly. Get crackin, Chris.

    Who’s collection would you buy? Secretly tell me at: speedbump@fansofrealitytv.com

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    Great recap sppedbump! :applause

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