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Thread: 9/7 Finale Show discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harvest
    I agree, Chris did NOT do the assignment. But he was so into Tommy's brand that it was almost inevitable they would choose him.

    We were surprised they were going to choose someone for a $250K job on the basis of a two-day task.
    While he didn't say it, I suspect he was lookint at the overall accomplishment of Chris C. He was the best throughout, and I think won it based on that.

    As I've already said, if I were Mr. Hilfiger, I'd also hire Elizabeth from this, as she has displayed a ton of raw talent that if channeled correctly could make her into a star designer herself down the road.

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    Well "The Cut" is over with now and I will miss it!

    I am happy that Chris won! He deserved it!!!

    Tommy was right about Elizabeth's dress. I was very unimpressed. Her previous dresses were much, much better than the one she used on the window. It was like she used her nukes earlier on and she decided to use her bombers for the final project while Chris & Princess used their nukes! Bad, bad move! Nevertheless, congrats go to Elizabeth!!! She made it to the Top 3 when no one thought she could!

    I was very, very impreesed by Princess' window!!! It was a game-winning display!!! Although she didn't win, I think she has a very good chance of being the world's first great African-American designer. I don't think we've seen the last of her by a long shot!

    Well, that's all folks!!! It's been fun!!!
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    I would have chose Chris also, by the guideline TH was looking for, something new and exciting for a new division of TH.

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