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Thread: 7/20 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    I find it hilarious that TH says that he uses the fashion trends of musicians to inspire him. His clothing line is what I call middle America bland, a less expensive Calvin Klein look alike, it is by no means cutting edge.

    Jeff is gone, seeing that manbaby whine and cry was wonderful, I was just waiting for the crocodile tears. Jeff does sell himself as a salesman and as far as that goes he did not sell his teams ideas to the band and it is a good a reason for firing him as any.

    Liz, it has been said before that the team picker is not necessarily the team leader, I saw no one step up to the plate on Liz's team, all I heard was the team bitching about her. To be honest TH should have thrown the entire team out the door.

    Both bands having parties at the same time; that was contrived, it was too much of a coincidence not too be. Also it was a good challenge for both teams to learn how to deal with difficult clients.

    Considering how expensive alcohol is I thought it was a total waste to see so much of it tossed at people. If this is a typical example of how bands party, it explains much as to why they are addicts and die young and broke after earning millions. No great loss as there is always someone willing to replace them.

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    Jeff was a pervert who needed to go. He would be a liability working around women but he definitely should have gone much sooner. James was one of the best so I only hope he winds up getting a better job somewhere else.

    Princess has gotten better since her trash talk at the fancy soiree. This is a learning experience and she is learning what is appropriate vs. inappropriate conversation.

    Deanna is good, she is a strong personality. Shauna seems so uppity like she shouldn't even need to be trying out she should just get the job already. Elizabeth gets carried forward for one good idea (the dress she designed) but sucks most of the other times.

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    Petition to save CBGB's

    This is relevant to last Wednesday's episode:

    I found out that CBGB's still has over a month left on their lease, at it will expire on August 31. There is an online petition to save CBGB's that you can see by clicking this link.

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    I think Shauna sucks, Wes is cocky, and Deanna has really bad style. And furthermore, as much as I don't like either of these three, I think Deanna is probably the most creative out of all of them.
    As annoying as EVERYONE on liz's team can be, I thought it was ultra classy of her to DEFEND Jeff while in the Pit. That atleast shows me she has some character. I think it's hilarious that all of these contestants talk S&*T about eachother, but surprisingly enough, the only one's i've NEVER heard talk about others is Liz and Rob, and they're the one's most talked ABOUT. Funny how that works, If you ask me I think they're going all the way

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