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Thread: Our Interview with Tommy, 7/11/05

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will2005
    I would have thought NY would be crawling with models, as it is the fashion capitol of the world
    NYC does have plenty of women who are models. The problem was, Jessica was trying to get one off the street to do this, and if anything, the TV camera might have been a hinderance given the number of public access shows locally on cable in New York (some of the women might have thought it was a cheap ploy to get them on a late-night show on public access that was not on the up-and-up).

    As noted, women in New York in particular (as well as men) have become increasingly paranoid and hostile since 9/11, and in addition to what I mentioned before, I think because NYC has been on orange or "high" alert ever since then.

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    She should say that she its for Tommy Hillfiger then, Im sure people would do it then. Thats what I would have said.

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    She might have, but even with that, a lot of people in New York would be very skeptical to say the least.

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    This interview is TOO funny...just like Tommy! Great stuff!

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