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Thread: Rankings for 7/6

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    Rankings for 7/6

    Again, just my opinion of these people and where they fall n the competion.

    11 – Deanna (last week ranked number 8)

    Last week I blasted Shauna and Deanna for attacking their team mates and this week’s show starts out with these two doing more of the same. Deanna was apparently not content that her team won the competition so she started the show by launching a personal attack on Elizabeth and when she failed to drum up support for than went of to try to claim credit for Elizabeth’s dress design. Deanna was partying at Hilfiger’s store/cocktail party (why doesn’t Wal-Mart do that) while the dress was being designed and assembled so just how this could have happened is something only Deanna’s over bleached brain could fathom. Personally I think the Girl was snorting cheese whiz. If Elizabeth should have given kudos to anyone it should have been the team’s seamstress and the helpful staff at the fabric store, from what was shone these people had more input into Elizabeth’s dress than Deanna did. After Deanna and her team arrived in Texas they went to the rehearsal of some cross between the Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleaders and a rodeo. I actually laughed out loud when Deanna announced that what they were seeing was “really authentic.” This week Deanna made Jeff look good…and that is saying something, something very bad.

    10 - Shauna (last week ranked number 9)

    Shauna again happily took part in the Elizabeth bashing. At one point in the bash fest Shauna wondered “Why does Felix love her?” Well maybe, just maybe, Felix likes Elizabeth because she is not a nasty back stabbing bitc…er…bothersome person. Deanna spent most of the last third of the show bashing Jeff (maybe she got bored bashing Elizabeth) blaming Jeff for every single one of her teams problems, I’m sure she also blamed Jeff for each and every one of her personal problems to. Shauna was upset that Jeff took some jacket to have it sewn by the leather expert, she claiming she could have sewn it herself but for some reason she didn’t bother to either start sewing the jacket before Jeff left with it or to announce she could and would sew the jacket herself and she did not absolutely nothing to stop Jeff form leaving with the jacket. Deanna was also upset that Jeff spent a huge amount on the denim/leather expert, once but again put no reigns on Jeff’s spending, did not allot a specific sum for this expert and didn’t discuss the budget or costs before hand with anyone especially Jeff. I said it last week and I will say it again, Shauna needs to realize that attacking your team mate only hurts your team’s performance and does nothing to make you look good.

    9 – Jessica (last week ranked number 10)

    Jessica had a better week than last week, largely because she didn’t find herself in the pit again. Yet once again this week Jessica failed to demonstrate any creative or artistic talent. While in Texas she sort of followed Wes and Deanna around and kept her mouth shut. Maybe this is a new strategy for her.

    8 – Jeff (last week ranked number 13)

    Jeff may have moved up but he is still Jeff, that is to say he is still bizarre and blissfully free form the burdens of creative talent. Despite his many handicaps (and his team mates) Jeff still was at the very least working to get his team a win and trying to use what networking talents he posses for the benefit of his team. And despite all odds Jeff actually did good. The loss of the leather jacket meant little if nothing to the judging. Hilfiger complemented the denim work. And when Shauna tried to place blame for everything that is wrong in the world on Jeff’s shoulders she got told to go sit down and shut up by Hilfiger. Does Jeff still need to go home? Definitely. Yet it seem Hilfiger actually likes him (well we’ve all seen Hilfigers taste in clothing, maybe his taste in people runs along the same lines) so I think we may be seeing Jeff hang around for the next couple weeks.

    7 – Princess (last week ranked number 6)

    In five shows Princess has managed to get herself into the pit three times in addition to twice when she really should have been in the pit (episode three for her erotic poetry recital and episode one for her *ugh* New York Skyline design) Yet she keep chugging along and surviving week after week. However this week is the is the first week she did not actually deserve to be in the pit, none of her team mates listened any better than she did yet she was the one called on the carpet for it. The one thing that keeps her ranked this high is the fact that the girl actually does have talent. The red dress she whipped out in this show started out very well and even half done looked better than the electric rhubarb disaster of last week. The problem is all in Princess’ people skills, or her lack of people skills. Something tells me that like Jeff, Princess will be around for a bit longer, she is a ratings magnet and interesting to watch. Something also tells me that if she somehow manages to hit one out of the ball park all her past sins will be forgiven.

    6 – Rob (last week ranked number 7)

    Rob moves up a rank this week for the simple reason that he actually contributed SOMETHING this week. OK it wasn’t much but he made a good (if occasionally inarticulate argument) that presenting Native American costumes would NOT win at the style forum. And Rob was exactly correct.

    5 – Felix (last week ranked number 5)

    Felix stays in the same place he was last week. He managed to balance his losses with his wins. His team lost the competition and let’s face it, they lost because they did not follow the assignment. If they had provided ANYTHING creative the Texas team would have lost with their embarrassing K-Mart blue light special design. Felix gains back the points he lost by making the correct statement that American fashion is not limited to “urban” as Princess and Rob seem to think. Felix is correct, most people are not urban and are not obsessed with dressing the way other people think they should and if Hilfiger want to survive he needs to recognize that as well. Also it is interesting to note is that Felix was first picked for teams AGAIN this week.

    4 – Elizabeth (last week ranked number 2)
    Not a good week for Elizabeth especially after her triumph last week. She earns credit for taking the personal attacks by Deanna and Shauna with grace and diplomacy. Last week when decisions had to me made the winning team had members sacrifice their designs and vision to merge them with another persons ideas. Both the New York part of Elizabeth’s team and the New Mexico part of her team were correct, the integrity of the Native American designs needed to be kept and at the same time they needed to be made accessible to the average American. There was no compromise this week and that, not any lack of communication, is what lost her team the competition.

    3 – James (last week ranked number 1)
    James really blew it this week. He had a real opportunity to step up to the plate but he didn’t. His team lost not because of lack of Elizabeth’s communication issues or Princesses domineering attitude, they lost because there was no leadership. James is respected enough to get both Princess and Elizabeth together and talking and he has what it takes to broker compromise. I don’t know why he chose not to do so. Last week when there were to many designs and not enough product the entire winning team swallowed their collective prides and combined designs, they compromised, which is what needed to be done this week as well. The mark of a good leader is initiating a compromise, pulling the best from everyone around him/her and then letting everyone walk away thinking that they came out on top. Sadly the previews (I know I should never take next weeks previews at face value) show more problems for James, he is heard to be saying that he is on a weak team, which may or may not be true but after you identify the problem you need to do something about it James.

    2 – Chris (last week ranked number 3)

    last week I took a little heat for putting Chris as high as number three, and here I am putting him even higher. The big reason Chris moves up this week is the fact that he didn’t get on the “let’s beat up Jeff” bandwagon. Designers don’t work in vacuums and anyone who gets hired by Hilfiger is going to have to deal with dozens of strong, strange and annoying personalities. Tonight Chris showed he has the ability to not just work with such people but he has the talent to let these odd-balls bring their own talents to the forefront and when things go wrong he doesn’t just start complaining he tries to do something about it.

    1 – Wes (last week ranked number 4)

    Wes has had three very good weeks. His team won the competition yet again (though to be fair this week’s win had more to do with the other team blowing the assignment rather than with his team actually doing a great job) Just like last week and once again Wes was out there doing what he needs to do to not just survive but what he needs to do to be the winner of this contest. Wes again showed off his social skills and once back in New York worked to help pull off the designs his team came up with.
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