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Thread: 7/6 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    I'm so glad to have the Fort so I can come in here and catch discussion and recaps! Last night I set my recorder for this epi so I could watch the finale of B&TG and I screwed it up and missed the whole show. Its nice to know I can pop in here and see what happened!

    So, Julie is gone. Well, no surprise. She really rubbed me the wrong way with her gay comments. I found her ignorance insulting. If you don't know about it, just keep your piehole shut. Someone is leaving next week??? They up and quit?? Sounds like I missed a good one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outlast
    ... but in week one didn't the same thing happen? One of the guys designed the billboard and Liz tried to take credit for it but the team backed the other guy. (sorry I can't remember which guy)
    Ironically that was Felix who now seems to be the person that is closest to Liz.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MajiH
    Someone is leaving next week??? They up and quit?? Sounds like I missed a good one!
    Iím not sure I heard that one of the contestants was leaving next week. What is said in next week previews tends to be only marginally applicable to what goes on in the actual show. Remember this week one of the contestants was supposedly driven over the edge or something like that. it didnít happen and Iím guessing that next week we someone will say in passing that they arenít happy here and they are thinking about leaving.

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    Last nights show was pretty good. My thoughts:
    Can't wait until Shauna leaves. I can't stand her and like I said in last weeks discussion: open your mouth when you speak and put on some darn makeup! At least this week she put on lipstick- which only made her gray teeth look worse. I was glad that TH approved of what Jeff did in trying to salvage the jacket. I don't like Jeff, but was glad that he stepped up and tried to do something.
    Princess needs to learn to finish a sentence.
    Deana needs to take the animal off of her back and quit being to catty.
    Right now I'm rooting for James or Chris C. to win. I think Chris has a pretty good head on his shoulders and he was the only one who stuck up for Jeff.

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    Princess I feel like she is too into herself, and doesn't care what other people think. It's always her way or the no way. Every team she has been on always loses except for the Cotton Club (and that was when she was away for the weekend). If you ask me, I wouldn't want to be on her team.

    Shauna Shauna seems to think she knows everything. Each episode I see her either sleeping, or talking down to someone. Wheather it be Jeff, Liz, Tommy, etc. for some reason I think these are the only two things she's good at.

    Deanna Deanna is too brash for me. I think she is a poor excuse for a contestant, and I wish I could see more of her creative ability seeing as everytime she's on the t.v. she's either talking bad about someone or sitting on her ass.

    Elizabeth I'm starting to feel sorry for Elizabeth, because I feel like all the girls are ganging up on her and making her the "sacrificial lamb". It obvious that she gets along with all of the guys, so why is it that the girls hate her so much? I'm starting to think that it's strategy. It's evident that she's got the smarts, and she's much more savy than all of them put together, so my money is on them wanting her to go because she poses a threat.

    Julie Julie has no business being on this show. She is too passive and would do better if she owned her own boutique

    Jessicca I feel sorry for Jessicca because I don't think she has a brain. Unfortunately, I'm thinking she'll be the one to go next week.

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    I love how Shauna was questioning why everyone loves Elizabeth . She was like Felix loves her, I mean everyone loves her. Can we say JELOUS? I'm sure they'll rag on her a little more, but hopefully justice will be served soon.

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    As much as I think it's time for Princess to go, she had a point last night about the 'costumes' that her team came up with. She wanted a more modern design and the group that actually went (including Felix who I really like) wanted to stay with the traditional. That's what messed that team up. If there had been any kind of compromise on that team I think they could have come up with a winner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by realityluver
    As much as I think it's time for Princess to go, she had a point last night about the 'costumes' that her team came up with. She wanted a more modern design and the group that actually went (including Felix who I really like) wanted to stay with the traditional. That's what messed that team up. If there had been any kind of compromise on that team I think they could have come up with a winner.
    Yeah. I noticed that. It surprised me that no one understood or insisted on Hilfigers very clear request for modern designs. He may have even used the word costume in what to avoid. I would go back and listen but MrDogbat is watching Stargate on the Tivo and we do not mess with that, oh no we do not. There is a marathon on until 2am. It is important to catch missed episodes. I digress..........

    Back to Hilfiger and this curious gaggle. I don't think this show is a serious effort to find a new clothes designer. It is Hilfigers desire to conquer a new horizon and leap on the reality TV bandwagon with the other moguls. This effects how I see the players. He wants his winner to be attractive, articulate, posess social grace and someone he clearly likes because they will be working for him to help tweek his image more than actually create clothing. A face to put forward. So far, James fills that well.

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    I'm starting to feel really bad for Jeff. Being picked last every week, that really sucks.

    And then when he was late at the challenge every was mad at him. Geez, he tried to help! If he wouldn't have done that, they would have complained that he didn't do anything!

    And I like Chris C. for sticking up for him.

    So, I want Chris or Jeff (yea, that's right) to win!

    edit : Also, what was with Deanna? The way they were teaming up against Elizabeth... I don't like Deanna either.

    Felix and Rob are still ok with me, so it'd be nice if they win too.
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    Shauna: i didn't realize how annoyin she can be until this week. boyyy, she should seriously shut her mouth up! i can understand why she wasn't please with Jeff about the money and him being late, but geezzz, give the man some credit for at least trying (good for Chris for sticking Jeff up). btw, i don't see her doing much anyway so what gives her the right to put Jeff down for at least trying to contribute something for the team?! as Chris noticed (insider video), she sleeps a lot, which i notice that too in this episode. i'm sure Shauna thought Tommy H sees the same way as she does about Jeff, that's why she was putting him down so badly. but the look on her face when Tommy H praise Jeff instead of calling him off was PRICELESS ! that was one heck of a good moment . well, i guess we won't be seeing her pick Jeff on her team next week.

    Jeff: surprisingly, i was rooting for him this week (maybe it's because i wanted Liz's team to loss (because of Liz) or maybe it's because Shauna was putting him down so badly...i think it's both of the reason). i give him tons of credit for trying to contribute to his team even though i know it's really to show that he is not worthless.

    Chris C: still my #1 guy of this competition ! i bet outta all of them, he's probably 1 of the most reasonable and understanding guy of this show. when everyone was blaming everything on Jeff, he was the only 1 who stuck up for him and give him credit for trying.

    Princess: why the heck is she in the pit again??? okk first of all, i agree with her about the outfits should be modernize instead of being so traditional. Liz should have listen to Princess instead of being a stubborn a** about what she thinks is right, which of course turns out to be wrong since TOmmy H thinks it is very costume-like (which i think so too). Princess should have try to compromise with Liz instead of just follow through with Liz's way. i just felt bad for Princess for being in the pit because i don't think she deserves to.

    Liz: she is such a goody-lil-too-shoe. i felt that she likes to take credit for works, which would make her the "heroine" of the team. last week, Tommy H over praise her, which i don't think she deserves since the dress is not all that special anyway. this week, she doesn't want to listen to what Princess, James, and Rob thinks about the outfit being modernize, since she probably thinks she is right about the outfit should stick to more tradition-like. well it back-fired on her part and i'm glad she is in the pit. though somehow Princess is still the one who is taking all the heats (which i don't think it is fair). What is up with that?

    Julie: she deserves to "take the runway" because i agree w/ Tommy H about her not contributing much and not having leadership skills. plus, she's boring to watch.
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