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Thread: 7/6 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    So Liz took total credit for the winning dress design last week and Shauna/Deanna were mad about it? I might call that jealousy on their parts, but in week one didn't the same thing happen? One of the guys designed the billboard and Liz tried to take credit for it but the team backed the other guy. (sorry I can't remember which guy) If she makes a habit of taking credit for other people ideas THEN I can understand why she isn't popular.

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    Julie was toast the second she told Mr. H that she didn't know how to talk to gay people. It just took a couple of weeks for her to actually be gone.

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    I think episode 1 was when Liz took PARTIAL credit for the billboard. I remember in the beginning Princess saying it was Felix and Liz's idea, so it seems like she was probably backing that statement up. As for this week, how in the hell could Deanna have designed the dress when she was out shopping and going to the Tommy Hillfiger party. Remember the teams that went to the party weren't allowed back until the next day. By that time, the dresses were already designed; they were just fitting the model.What is most hilarious to me about Deanna is that when asked about Liz's dress she replied, "There are a lot of things wrong with Elizabeth's dress, but since she's never designed a dress before, I respect that she executed this task at all"
    If you ask me, I think she's jelous.

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    Oh, and is it just me, or does Shauna look like her jaw has been wired by an illegal orthodontist?

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    I think this was one of the better episodes of the series. I really didn't like the Deanna and Shauna team up againest Elizabeth. I found it to be down right cruel and in poor taste. I love how Hilfiger just shut Shauna right down in regards to paying the denim man too much. Probably one of the best moments all season. I wasn't a fan of either of the outfits. Team Cowboy's looked way too cheap and it seemed like it could be bought anywhere. Team Indian's was more of a costume than a modern outfit but I did like the outfit Elizabeth was wearing.

    I found it hilarious that the only thing Julie did was make a tiny handbag and painted the bottom of the shoes. Mr. Hilfiger was never going to see them! Elizabeth annoyed me tonight with her mousy attitude in the pit. I have been a fan of Princess from day one, but does that girl ever win? It seems like she has been in the pit every week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mariner
    Julie was toast the second she told Mr. H that she didn't know how to talk to gay people. It just took a couple of weeks for her to actually be gone.
    Yep, um hmm. Don't know how you can expect to be in Hilfiger's world and not be comfortable around gay folks.

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    I bet you Shauna is the one that quits next week. I think she has a valid right to be upset sometimes, but I couldn't stand that little smirk she had on her face when Tommy was talking about how deadlines are critical. LOL, then when he praised Jeff instead of telling him he did wrong....the look on her face was priceless!

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    Shauna deserved to be shot down from TH after ranting over Jeff's "horrible decisions". I kept saying to the TV 'goodness sakes woman shut up please'.

    Felix and Liz grows on me every episode.

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    I'm consistently amazed how little design talent these contestants have. I keep wondering when I'll see someone that can do the job.

    Will the show pare down to all men? TH has issues with all the women. The women consistently shoot themselves in the foot with their mouths. Be quiet ladies or you'll get the boot sooner than you'd like.

    Jeff and the jeans - the jeans did look great, he overpaid, he is too impulsive, sooner or later he'll be gone.

    Princess and Elizabeth - the squabbling only weakens both of them in TH's eyes. I understand that sometimes two people don't click, can't communicate, and can never get past it. These two ladies are not on the same wavelength. I'm not particularly fond of either of them.

    Julie - You blew it weeks ago with the not comfortable with gays issue. I concur with TH that she never fit it or contributed. With 1/2 the teams gone each challenge there is plenty of leadership opportunities. Stick with your solo handbag career.

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    Hilfiger He did not seem aware of how Jeff came to pay the $500. Saying I have $500 in my pocket, "what seems fair to you?", is not stellar negotiation. He gets props for finding the man, however. Prices are always set before the work begins and that should have been discussed with Shauna who was in charge of the budget. Hilfiger was just wrong on this one.

    Elizabeth The editing on this show is poor, at best. Everyone dislikes her and I have to believe there is good reason. Two glaring mistakes were not giving DeAnna credit for helping her design the winning dress last week and trying to steal the thunder for the billboard slogan. The things she bought in New Mexico were just plain bad. A Pendleton blanket?

    Princess It is not that difficult to come up with some designs that reflect but not scream Native American. She could have begun her designs and been respectful in the phone calls. Setting out to do battle with Liz was immature. Why is she still here? A request for belts and jewelry for their models would have been smart. A toned down full skirt in black with a hint of the popular broom stick design would have been a great start.

    Julie It was no surprise to see her go. She offered less drama and conflict so she was the logical of the three, given her zero entertainment value and contribution.

    Shauna I am not sure about her. I think Hilfiger was too hard on her but we have not been privy to the entire story either. The opening scene showed Shauna feeling responsible for Tommy's departure. The footage of this was cut. The fact that we have seen so little of her makes me think that we will see more of her down the line. Right now they are focusing on Princess and Liz so we will fully understand why they are cut in the next two weeks, perhaps.

    James I have my eye on him for the win and have from day one. What little we see of him is favorable.

    DeAnna She has quite an edge to her, is catty and not what Tommy is looking for in the arena of personal style. I kind of like her but hold no hopes of her making it very far. It would be great to see her get some professional help with her hair. I like what she is trying to do but she is missing the mark.
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