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Thread: Rankings anyone?

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    Rankings anyone?

    Recently we have had a lot of discussions and opinions put forward about which one of our contestants will make it to the final three or four as well as endless speculation about just who needs to go home next.

    Next week I am sure things will change but for the moment here is my current ranking and my opinions on these people.

    12 – Jeff.
    Is there anyone here who is not scratching his/her head wondering just what this guy is doing on this show? Just what were the producers thinking? Were they truly that desperate for a contestant? Jeff is apparently without any sort of talent or the even the ability to recognize talent in others. In the first episode he actually thought the billboard he worked on looked great. His ideas are horrible and he has very strange ideas as to what constitutes sexy. Worse he is unable to work as part of a team, any response to his ideas is taken as a personal attack. There is also the strange feeling I have that Jeff has recently stopped taking some sort of medication. (“If I don’t win, the world will suffer” ) The man needs to be off the program and off NOW, but I doubt he will be sent home this week, it is more likely someone with more talent and savvy will be shown the runway.

    11 – Julie
    Initially I was completely indifferent to Julie and my initial assessment still holds true. In the first couple of shows she seemed marginally competent and was rather skilful at flying under the radar so I was thinking that she would make it reasonably far. However her argument with Tommy and the fact that SHE brought it up at the style forum put a nice big sized bulls-eye on her back. This week she managed to produce one the ugliest pieces of clothing ever seen on television (yes I know she was forced to work with Jeff but that really doesn’t excuse anything). I loved the line “it’s like a flamenco dancer gone bad.” Did anyone see the purse that they put with that dress? The woman is handbag designer for crying out loud, yet the handbag she parried with her dress looks like she went out and skinned Sesame Street’s Grover and put a handle on him. Julie is probably a very nice person but form what I can see she really doesn’t have what it takes

    10 – Jessica
    I rally like Jessica alot and secretly I root for her to keep going, she is both a fish out of water and a real underdog in this show, but sadly Jessica is only half of a contestant. She has the social skills part of the contest down pat. The woman has style, grace and good business sense, in the first episode she is the one who brokered the deal with the print shop to exchange advertising for a price break. What Jessica lacks (or at least has failed to show) is creative talent. And I am not sure why, this weeks dress designing challenge should have been a cakewalk for her, a real chance to put her talent out there and impress everyone, according the CBS website Jessica designed her own gown for her beauty pageant competition. I don’t even recall her even putting a dress idea out for her team to consider. While I will agree with her that finding a model was difficult and time consuming she should have turned that job over to someone else and hit the sketch pad. In the end what hurts her most is the fact that for some reason Hilfiger doesn’t like her at all and will likely send her down the runway at his earliest possible convenience. She has been put into the pit twice already and that looks bad no matter how you slice it.

    9 – Shauna
    Shauna is a difficult person to place in these rankings. If I would have done this ranking a couple weeks ago she would have made it rather high. True in episode two she was contemplating throwing in the towel and complaining about the fact that there is no designing going on in this designing show…but let’s be honest were all complaining about the exactly same thing. But she managed to pull it together and present herself very well with her performance with E.T. interviewing celebrities on the red carpet was stellar. She looked and acted professional and made little Tommy look all the worse for his inability to know who Jason Alexander was. Yet in the last two weeks we have seen her slacking off last week (yes I know she was sick) and then her mud slinging attack of Elizabeth the week before. It was this alliance based attack that really hurt her ranking; the attack on Elizabeth was unfounded and motivated by the alliances perceived need to have a sacrificial lamb for the style forum. Shauna needs to realize that attacking your team mate only hurts your team’s performance and does nothing to make you look good.

    8 – Deanna
    So much of what I just said about Shauna works for Deana too. Deanna gets the higher position because she has been more active and more visible in the creative process. On a personal note…could someone please, please, please find Deanna a competent hair stylist?

    7 – Rob
    I know I will probably earn more than a few scathing remarks for this ranking but in good conscious I can’t put the man any higher. Honestly, what has the man done to show he should win this? He went to a party and didn’t make a fool of himself, yes that is very nice but so what. He is able to consistently refer to himself in the third person…admirable but the IronDragon can do the same. What exactly has this man contributed to any of the projects he has been involved in? Has he shown us anything involving creativity or leadership or even teamwork? I’m not saying he is without these talents but he has yet to display them and that is what is hurting him. Now that all that is out of my system let me just say Rob seems like a nice decent good human being, but he is long over due to show us the goods.

    6 – Princess
    Good golly, what is Princes doing ranked way up here? Have I taken leave of my senses? Well, that is really no body’s business but my own and it is also entirely beside the point. What got Princess up here was the fact that once you get past her and her cocos you realize she actually is talented and creative. If her dress design hadn’t been put through the blender by Tommy it would have given Elizabeth’s a run for the money. Her biggest issue is her age and what I believe is a lack of experience. If she were ten years older I truly think she would be mopping the floor with the other competitors. No, I take that back, if she were ten years older she wouldn’t’ need to be on this show at all. Her downfall is her track record here, twice in the pit and once she escaped the pit when she truly deserved to be there. All in all it is really unlikely that she will be able to last much longer. Right now I think she is the most likely candidate to be sent home next week.

    5– Felix
    Felix’s biggest asset right now is his capacity to both be a leader and work as a member of a team. Everyone seems to want Felix on their team and this is very interesting when one considers that in the first episode when the teams were chosen based solely on first impressions Felix was the last picked. When Hilfiger asked team leader Julie why she hadn’t snatched up Felix and Deanna she replied that “they look very individual and independent-minded, and [she’s] thinking of working as a team.” Since then Felix has always been among the first picked for teams and with good reason. Initially I was ready to write him off, the man designs skateboards for Pete’s sake, yet he is creative and innovative. He single handedly won the billboard competition for his team and had the brains to bring his work book with him to the style forum to back up his claims.

    4 – Wes
    Got a huge push up in the rankings thanks to his performance in the social competition this week. Even while out being social at the cocktail party he still thought of his team and their competition and managed to find a model for them and a good one too.. This shows that despite last week’s performance Wes really does have teamwork and leadership skills and is willing to think of his team before himself. (Deanna, Shauna, are you paying attention?) While I don’t put much value in the previews for next week’s show it seems that Wes is the one who gets the joy of trying to do damage control for whatever Jeff does, that will really show whether or not Wes has what it takes to be a leader.

    3 – Chris
    Chris has everything going for him to make it to the top of this contest. He is ambitions and has a winning personality, he also that “wrong side of the tracks” image working for him that will probably attract Hilfiger. His personality makes him attention grabbing in the right sort of ways where as Princess tends to grab attention for all the wrong reasons. His ability to deal with celebrities and clients as showcased in episode number two put him up near the top and as of yet he has done almost everything right to keep himself here. He got a little weird this week regarding spending time with Hilfinger. Obviously Chris looks up to the man but lets face it he was sounding just a bit like a stalker last week.

    2 – Elizabeth
    Elizabeth had one great week. She is a furniture designer and a magazine editor not a clothing designer yet she designed the competition’s winning dress. She was the only person her team to have an original design, not a design merged with someone else’s design. When the call for the “edit” came out her team picked her design as the one to go with, high praise indeed. I didn’t get the impression that her design was selected as a way to make her the “sacrificial lamb” but rather because it was a well designed dress that looked great on the model. Hilfiger’s closing remark ““There’s an old saying that cream rises to the top,” he says. “Tonight I’m starting to see some cream.” Seemed aimed directly at Elizabeth which just adds to her ranking.

    1 – James
    Right now James is the man to beat and is one strong all around contestant. He has creative talent, social talent, he is a team player, and a leader. In episode three he attended Alex Garfield's cocktail party in the Hamptons where he impressed not just Tommy H. but he also impressed Garfield enough to tell Hilfiger “If you don't hire him, I'm going to.” That aside the man has talent both in design and execution. His high point was last week when it came to deciding whose dress would be showcased James did not hesitate to put Elizabeth’s dress in the spotlight despite the fact that his and Felix’s dress was well designed and well executed. James put his ego in check in favor of doing what was right for the team and that shows a level of maturity that seems to be lacking among the contestants here.

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    Excellent! I agree with the order and your commentary. I have little to add that would not be redundant.

    I think it is possible that Shauna contributed more than the editing showed last week. The drama with Tommy was entertaining and took the front seat.

    Hilfiger has a reputation to maintain but he ventured into reality TV for a reason other than money. A rebirth perhaps. He is yesterdays news. You never see his clothes in fashion mags or hear stars talk about wearing him. It is certainly not for exposure since his lable is everywhere on NYC street tables, TJ MAX and on a T-shirt Chicken George sported in BB1. :::shudder:::

    So looking at this angle I doubt Chris has a shot at the win. How would it look for Hilfiger to choose the one contestant who boasts that 99% of his wardrobe is his own line. And if he is really looking for an employee one would think he seeks a fresh point of view. Even if he just wants to climb on the reality bandwagon Chris is still not a good choice. If this show gets any press, it would certainly about his groupie winning.

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    Dang that was a GRRREAT rundown. I couldn't have put it better. I probably would have put Felix before Chris, but those rankings are SPOT ON!

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