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Thread: 6/16 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom

    Oh look. It's INXS Idol!
    threadjack...Carrie underwood is singing the National Anthem at he NBA Finals. not bad...
    You've got to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rt1ky
    I thought Fabulous pronounced his name as Fabb-a-liss.
    I think you are right. Not that I have any special knowledge, but quite a few of them refered to him that way, and the Donald introduced him as Fabb-a-liss.

    I thought at the time they couldn't all be mispronouncing fab-u-lous.

    eta: quite a few of them referred to him that way when he was on The Apprentice
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    I'm really hating the death den Princess Trash created. How many animals died for that bitch to fail?

    Another person who is really getting on my nerves is Chris. He tries too hard and the constant hero narrative he is spinning about pulling himself from his bootstraps is FREAKING ANNOYING. Yeah we found out you were from the ghetto the first time you mentioned it. We didn't need a million reminders.

    To answer everyone's question about what any of this has to do with fashion, in the first show Tommy said he's looking for a lifestyle designer. He wants someone who can easily translate design concepts to anything. So the first episode tested their ability to come up with advertising concepts, which reflects their branding acumen. This episode tested how well they listened to clients and translated their tastes into something tangible.

    Project Runway was WAY better.
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    If reality shows are going to do lame challenges, can they at least do them for a good cause? Instead of "pimping" a car for a rapper, how about they design and furnish a battered women's shelter or outfit an apartment in a housing project for under $500?

    Is the winner going to design car interiors OR clothing and houshold items? The tasks should match the prize/objective of the show, like Project Runway.

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    This show beats Dancing With The Stars, Or Hit Me Baby One More Time, but I can't believe so called design people would use fur, the height of bad taste.

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    I thought TH out-donald the Donald with his CEO exit tonight. I like the "lifestyle" design - it's not all about clothes. I think throwing Shauna (who is about designing clothes) on the Peoples Choice red carpet was inspired. She was able to "get" the assignment and not have to focus on a metalic beastie. Princess went soooo overboard proving her diva-ness that she missed the assignment altogether. Listen to the client people! When they first entered the garage and immediately donned the overalls and started tearing the SUVs apart - I clutched. Where was the client? How would they know what to design - and what was with the design huddles assuming a hip-hop singer came in a hip-hop mold? Listen to the assignment. Listen to the client.

    This is proving an interesting class in how to grow a design business. Pay attention wannabes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pomeraniac
    Oh geez, here I am, even though I'm pooped and didn't want to get caught up in another series!!!

    Oh well, I might as well give in to this "reality TV addiction" of mine.
    This one is cattier than the discussion of Miss Congeniality at the State Fair.....and the ladies are pretty mean too....

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    The Jagger story lacked details....mick was probably upset because he looked like Devo or more likely that Tommy put the zip in the back and he needed billy prestons help in taking it off on stage.....

    You gotta love the seventies....

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    Quote Originally Posted by rt1ky
    Bling-a- docious. I'll have to use that in a sentence tomorrow.
    My cocopuffs are Bling-o-licious worked pretty well with my nine year old ....the rest of the house just groaned.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swingsongbird
    Oops, they lost the keys
    No one had AAA....???????????????

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