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Thread: 6/9 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Buhbye Amy. What a boring show this was.

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    I liked it. The editing was identical to a Mark Burnett production, this wasn't a Mark picture right? Weird.

    I enjoyed this more than The Apprentice, I like the idea of no "project manager" and team leads, I like the idea that the leaders will rise to the top on their own, it doesn't allow for "Kendra style" moves under the radar. Also dumping the teammate that honestly doesn't do anything is much better than losing the member that just gets on your nerves.

    I'll be watching again, I adore Tommy clothes for men, not too hot on the girls line except for the Tshirts
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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    I was not impressed. I remember how Project Runway drew me in right from the start. What made that show stand out was the individuals all had to produce something from day one; none of this faffing around in groups. It just seems like an excuse to produce interpersonal drama. Personally, I'm more interested in what the contestants can do.

    I plan to keep watching; hopefully some of the personalities will grow on me.
    I agree. Project Runway was a superior show. We got a peak into a profession that most of us knew little about and it surpassed many scritpted comedies with the spontaneous wit of a few. It was refreshing to see individual tasks for a change.

    I enjoyed the Apprentice and Wickedly Perfect but here was a chance to change the team dynamic that has become so familiar.

    It lacks a point of view. I cannot see the value of a billboard and tricked out car in the scheme of designing clothes. Trump made it clear that he was looking for leadership skills in an apprentice but Tommy has not said how that is important in clothes design, yet he stresses leadership or the lack thereof.

    Still I enjoyed it and will continue to watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by primadonna
    Question for FORT-sters from unhip oldster: knob=plank=tool???
    Yep, and according to fluff.... they also =pillock.

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    I actually quite like the way he did the elimination. He gave credit where credit was due and verified all comments with the rest of the team members. There is very little way someone will be able to take credit for someone else's work. Or take the fall for someone else's lack of work.

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    "You are OUT of style - hit the runway"......had me on the floor! That sounds so flat, it's BANANAS! Next week they will be "pimping" some celebrity's ride. Sounds interesting, but when are we going to get to CLOTHES? That's the part I am most interested in.

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    So where did Princess get the idea that Liz was involved with Felix's logo? I think she was set up.

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    Wow, I actually liked it. Yea, it was like The Apprentice, but it's different too. And I never saw Project Runway, so maybe I just don't know what all the hype is about.

    Anyway, I know I'm going to watch every episode. I thought it was a great show. I already have my favorite, that's Rob. And I have the one I'm going to love to hate, that's going to be Vlada!
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    I must confess I liked it too. If every show was about designing clothes it would be pretty repetitious. I liked the billboard idea. Hated the NY skyline design, but the TomMYny thing was brilliant. It was weird. In some instances Tommy came across as plastic, and other times, when he was grilling them in the end, he seemed much more natural than Trump.

    What was up with the stripper/prostitute gyrating for the married guy in the bath? Yuck. I'm sure his wife was impressed with that little scene. Hope he prepped her. They are both awful. Hope they go soon, but they probably won't cause they are good drama. Whatever, the porno dancing was really out of line and I think she should be ashamed of herself. I got the impression she was more than a little bit drunk. Hope she turns it around.

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    I knew what I was in for with this show, having read numerous posts, articles, hearsay, and whatnot. I knew that this was not a rip off of Project Runway (thank god! don't mess with perfection.) It has sort of slipped in under the radar, and with incorrect billing. They even did it in the intro. They aren't looking for a clothing designer (at least I hope not!) they're looking for an "It" person, a trendsetter, and Idea Guy/Gal. So Let Viewers KNOW THAT!!! Ugh.

    Anywhozit, I enjoyed it. It is way too early to pick favorites (chris and wes are both hot! ) but it is certainly appropriate to pick the ones we hate. Jeff (knob=tool=plank=pillock!), Vlada (Slutty Suoka Van Slutstress) and Tommy (contestant, not hilfiger).

    As for the billboards, Broadway (Broadway!) was great. If the Hilfiger was bigger it would have been first-rate. They should have realized that it wasn't big enough and at least tried to fix it. Or repeat it. Or repeat it across the top. Something. Instead of going home. Oh, well, I still loved it anyway.

    The 50th Billboard was so bad it was funny. The concept was okay. If they had professionals it would have still looked low concept but at least it would have been eye-pleasing. It was so Public Education circa 1980, and I swear I said that before Deanna did. I liked her quite a bit, and when she agreed with me, I was ready to sign up as a fan. We'll see though.

    The To My NY was brilliant, but poorly executed. Why didn't Tommy nullify them for that? it was terrible! They should have ghosted the middle m, or made all three words different colors, or something. It looked jumbled.

    All in all, it was a good show and I will be a devoted viewer. Who else?
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