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Thread: Vlada

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCL
    Darn, they got rid of the slutty one. You'd think she would have been a ratings bonanza. That said, she did seem to find shirts that actually covered her shoulders last night, as opposed to last week. They should have kept her around for entertainment value - always fun to have someone who does nothing but annoy the other competitors around. Hmmm...
    I wonder if Donald Trump, Martha Stewart and/or Mark Burnett were watching?

    Maybe Trump tries to bring Vlada in for Apprentice 6 in the fall of 2006 if it's still going at that point.

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    realityshow fan
    OwWWWwwW I loved her she was so cool! But I knew she wasnt gonna be for a long time! But roll with the punches....

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    When she walked down the runway after TH told her she was 'out of style' I thought this girl should be a model she walks better then the girls on America's Next Top Model.

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    realityshow fan
    Thats true in other places they said she should of tried out for americas next top model!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burntcrow
    I agree CCL, it is so unfair. Princess should have gotten the boot for putting craw-ca-dile in the vehicle.
    Well, at least Princess tried to contribute. I don't really know what Vlada did to help her team at any point.

    I'm not surprised she got the boot. She was proving herself to really be of no use to her team.

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