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Thread: Tommy Hilfiger

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    Tommy Hilfiger

    From the official site:

    When Tommy Hilfiger launched his first signature menswear collection in 1984, his updated take on button-down shirts, chinos, and other time-honored classics immediately struck a chord with consumers. In less than two years, the line had netted $11 million. Today, his collections include an entire range of products to suit all the lifestyle needs of the modern consumer. The Tommy Hilfiger brand has become a symbol of the all-American spirit and continues to be regarded as one of the most recognized global lifestyle brands. Hilfiger was born the second of nine children in Elmira, a small town in upstate New York. In 1969, while still in high school, he began his retail career with $150 and 20 pairs of bell-bottom jeans. Soon after, he opened his own small chain of stores called People's Place. Self taught, he began designing the clothes that his customers wanted, but could not find.

    In 1979, Hilfiger moved to New York City to pursue a career as a fashion designer. He introduced his first signature collection in 1984 and has since expanded the brand's product offerings and distribution to include menswear, womenswear, jeanswear, childrenswear, related licensed products, fragrance, and home collections.
    The fashion industry has bestowed numerous honors on Hilfiger. In 1998, Parsons School of Design in New York City honored him with their Designer of the Year award, as did GQ magazine for their annual "Men of the Year" issue. In 1995, he was named Menswear Designer of the Year by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). That same year, he received VH1's "From the Catwalk to the Sidewalk" award at their annual Fashion and Music Awards. He has also won several FiFi Awards, the fragrance industry's most illustrious honor. In November 2002, he was selected as GQ magazine's International Designer of the Year award recipient in Germany. That same month, the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) organization presented Hilfiger with the Future of America Award, D.A.R.E.'s highest honor, for his philanthropic efforts for America's youth.

    Hilfiger, as honorary chairman and principal designer of the Company, launched the Tommy Hilfiger Corporate Foundation in 1995 to enrich the physical and intellectual well being of youth with a major emphasis on education and cultural programs that impact a diverse population. Hilfiger is actively involved in a number of charities and causes, including the Washington D.C. Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation and the Anti-Defamation League. He has also served on the board of directors for The Fresh Air Fund, a New York based group that has been sending underprivileged children to summer camp since 1877, and the Race to Erase MS (Multiple Sclerosis) since 1994.

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    singing w/ Clay
    THATS TH ??? Didnt he used to look really, really, REALLY different ? ? ?

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    Is that a rug?
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

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    Hasn't he learn from his daughter not to have a reality tv show?

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    Tommy is a meanie . . . . At least Mr. Trump was charming ... . .


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    At first glance, I though TH's face seemed horribly botoxed and stretched to the max. Then it seems almost the opposite, wrinkled and saggy. If he was in high school in 1969, he is still in his 50's - he sure looks like he was rode hard and put up wet, as they say. Otherwise, I do have to say that I found him much more palatable and real than the Donald.

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    After watching the first episode, I really liked how he wouldn't stand for long drawn out answers. I also expected him to pull out a pair of nice leather gloves and use them to slap someone across the face.
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    Quote Originally Posted by speedbump
    After watching the first episode, I really liked how he wouldn't stand for long drawn out answers. I also expected him to pull out a pair of nice leather gloves and use them to slap someone across the face.
    For real, I hear ya about the gloves. I can almost see that in my mind. I wonder, though, do they edit the answers? Do I need to ask this? Am I that naive?

    He's so unattractive that he's attractive. I can't explain it. My daughter and I used to watch "Rich Girls" on MTV, and I think Ally has his huge mouth.

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    The more I think about it, the more outraged I am at the ouster of Chris. I think he made some mistakes, but he wasn't nearly the car wrecks that Little Tommy and Princess were.

    My totally speculative opinion is that TH planned to call down Little Tommy and Chris S. and then boot Little Tommy, but after Julie's comments (remember Julie volunteered to express her point of view) on gay people), he ended up calling her down rather than Little Tommy.

    Chris did make a couple of mistakes. First he labeled himself the leader of the team, when it seemed that Little Tommy assumed leadership of the costuming and styling of the extras, which was one of the weak areas. By the by, how does a countess from Czechoslovakia act when she goes to Studio 54. Also Chris made that asinine comment about only sharing the knowledge he thought his teammates needed

    Even though The Cotton Club appeared to be the most dysfunctional, the Studio 54 team had a leadership vacuum when James, the presumptive project manager took off for The Hamptons.

    Even though the Cotton Club pulled it off, this was still a challenge that needed a bigger team to handle the tasks (putting the "sets" together and outfitting and coaching 40 extras), so sending away two member per team on this kind of project was unwise. The more I think about it, TH is starting to fit in the train wreck category with Little Tommy and Princess. Although I do have to say I liked his style in this week's Style Forum.

    Even if my theory is correct, I am still very angry at Tommy Hilfiger.
    "We all know that we're going to get beat tonight." - Melrose (ANTM Cycle 7) when Monique gets eliminated from the CoverGirl / Queen Latifah challenge.

    "Hi pretty lady...and Tyra." - Heather (ANTM Cycle 9)

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    As in this type of reality show, there is much more going into a descision than just the contestants performance on a singular task. Chris did a poor job but, more importantly, he was not adding to the drama or entertainment factor.

    If poor performance was the criteria, Princess would be gone. She got NO information from Fabulous and pimped the car with fur, singularly causing their loss! Instead the more quiet Vlada took the walk. She will be around for many more weeks.

    Tommy and Julie promise more drama and conflict. Entertainment is first on the list, an employee for Tommy second.

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