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Thread: Tommy Hilfiger

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    OK, what is this guy looking for? I am going to guess he has his eyes on someone, like himself, who was not versed in clothes design, but has personal style. I did not mean to imply that his personal style is noteworthy. It is not. I meant he wants someone who has it.

    Beyond that, we have no clue. Is he looking for leadership like Trump? Does he want a creative mind? A team player? This week Jessica's task was not enough. Apparently finding a model was not valued as part of the effort.. OK, so forget team playing. Creative mind, yeah that is it. Well, no, perhaps not. Princess created a pattern but that was not enough. She was supposed to manage Tommy. So leadership. There that must be it! Well, no, leaders do not fair well. This week, we learned that being part of the creation is the dogs bolix, unless you are one of the three who did nothing.

    He does not want Princess working for him. The producers like the footage she gives them. Hilfiger put her in the pit for NO reason this week so we could see more of her and understand that he will say, at some point; Princess, you have been in the pit each week, you are out of style.

    Hilfiger forgot to copy Trump in having a vision, criteria and organization in the execution of the tasks.

    I will continue to watch, not because I think this show is great, but I am having fun trying to guess who he favors, having nothing to do with the tasks at hand. Shauna is one, James another and Liz is climbing.

    When someone screws up badly but stays, then we will know who the winner is ahead of time. It has to be someone who will create buzz for Hilfigers wilting image.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANTMADDICT99
    Hasn't he learn from his daughter not to have a reality tv show?

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