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Thread: Wasn't there supposed to be dates for the non-Evan contenders?

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    Wasn't there supposed to be dates for the non-Evan contenders?

    For some reason or other, I got the impression that girls could compete on-line for a date with the guys who did not win.

    What happened to that?

    Were there any girls who wanted any of them? If not, I guess none of them were like BOB, the current Bachelor who was on the earlier Bachelorette and who also was not selected by the queen bee for the suicidal mating ritual.

    CBS and/or the Cupid producers have been closed-mouth on how many votes were actually cast for each guy. Whether or not the votes were validated by an independent firm?

    Is there a link for what happened to those non-Evan contenders?

    Thanks in advance.

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    umm...you know that Evan was not the winner, right? He should have had a date too. The winners of the contest were in the audience, it was mentioned and the camera did a quick pan to show them. There was a date for everyone except Hank, who was Lisa's date.

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