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Thread: Cupid 2 with Robert

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    Cupid 2 with Robert

    I only watched Cupid to see Robert. I would like to see a Cupid 2 with Robert trying to find his true lady love. Robert was the only man that really signed up for this show to get married.

    It would be hilarious to see Robert pop up at the house to hang out with the ladies during the series instead of wasting time on two shrews ripping the contestants apart for just showing up. I would prefer to see Robert do the elimination process in a creative and different way weekly instead of wasting the viewers time with voting. I would also prefer to have him actually have the option to propose on the last show. A wedding hour the next week would be an instant enough marriage. If Robert and a woman would agree to get married the next week their wedding gift from CBS after the ceremony should be $1 million dollars. If the couple did not agree to the wedding CBS could show video clips of the Match.com dates the next week which would be a lot more entertaining than the Cupid finale this week.

    It was insane to use most of the hour for eliminations and then plunge into a wedding without even showing a proposal and an engagement ring. That would be like telling the winner of American Idol that you have to record and distribute your album in the last five minutes of the show and I will pay you for your efforts a year later. Even the finale show for American Idol only has two competitors that have already recorded songs for distribution before working on their first albums.

    If Simon could sell this turkey to a network and advertisers without even showing up for the production of the series, then maybe there really is hope that I could develop and sell a series.

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    When they said millions had voted they must've count their mothers more than once. I'm glad Robert didn't win b/c it would've been cruel to stick Lisa with that man.

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    It's going to be called Cupid 2:A Second Chance at Love.The Second Chance at Love is my idea.I think I should get it protected.

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    Cupid 2 should be Robert's show

    They should flip the script for Cupid 2 as they did with the Bachelor and Bachlorette series. This time it's Robert, plus 2 close friends ripping the girls after viewing videos of their dates with Robert. When Lisa went to LA to meet Robert's friends, I definitely saw 2 people among his friends who could hold the role as his pair of Cupids in the next show. His female friend who was talking to Lisa inside the house and his buddy who was helping Robert pull himself together outside of the house.

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