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Thread: Three Funerals And A Wedding ~ Cupid Recap 9-16-03

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    Quote Originally Posted by icanluv2
    from a reality tv show that actually will last.

    Yeah and Hank actually won the majority of the votes.The real test will come once the cameras are turned off and it's just them and the harpies.Then we will see if there is something there or if it was just lust on first sight.

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    [QUOTE=psucashcow]I'll second that opinion. If Hank was so into himself and his farm/vineyard idea, he would have gotten married last night to get the money. I have a feeling that, gee, maybe Hank and Lisa did discuss the idea of not tying the knot last night because Lisa did not seem surprised that Hank said what he said. I thoroughly enjoyed McF's lost look afterwards like.."What do I say now. I don't have cue cards to cover this."[/QUOTE

    According to the fine print, if Hank and Lisa had gotten married, it would have been Lisa's money and Lisa's choice to share it or not (believe their contract to appear in the show acted as a prenup so the mil was exempt from California's common property law). Maybe he didn't trust Lisa to share it if he ditched the marriage after a year....

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    Quote Originally Posted by sugarlady
    "We come back from break, and Brian has the nerve to ask if perhaps Hank thinks that since he’s always known the concept of the show, if perhaps he doesn’t “owe it to America to get married on TV.” What a complete ass."

    Hank is the complete ass that duped the hopeless and blind romantics that wasted their two hours after the show voting for him. I never for once believed that Hank was going to propose. His excuse was just as lame and full of bull sh*t as his declaration last week that he wanted to be the last man standing. It is a joke that some people still want to view this farce as a loving relationship. Get real folks. It was only a poorly produced TV show.

    Wow! Not so nice write-up sugarlady. I say, good for the two of them. It was TOTAL REDEMPTION! All those who spoke ill of Lisa being on the show for money, and those who spoke ill of Hank taking Lisa's money and buying his vineyard - you have to eat your words now.

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    GREAT write up! Well done. Funny, too
    I had never really considered the idea that maybe Hank was afraid Lisa wouldn't share the million after a year...it being exempt from Community Property, and all. I think he's given her a snow job. It will be interesting to see if they actually do follow through "in private" and actually get married!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kip
    Agreed. A lot of the same people bashing Hank for not marrying Lisa would have been saying he just married her for the money if they had gotten married.

    I think it was an incredibly wise decision on Hank's part (and Lisa's too if it was a joint decision). Hank only went up in my estimation. I think it would be incredibly hard for anyone to turn down the million. Hank obviously doesn't hate Lisa. Even if he didn't love her, he could have married her and stuck it out for a year to get the money.

    If Hank had any doubts at all about marrying Lisa, he did the right thing by not getting married last night. If Hank thinks Lisa is the one he wants to marry, I think it's incredibly romantic that they are willing to forgo the money in order to keep their relationship private. And, if they do marry, there relationship will be stronger down the road, because there won't be the doubts that he/she married me just because the money was there.
    If I were Lisa (I'd be gorgeous, of course), I'd be sooo mad at him for not taking the cash. If they are in love - good for them, and they are up a million bucks. If they are not in love - but can stand each other for a year, they are still up a million bucks, part ways and split the cash. Sounds like a no-brainer to me. Win/win. I hope he got an earful back at the hotel last night. And I don't mean that in a good way. I still wish I were as pretty as Lisa. So, when is that makeover show on, anyway?

    btw - Wayner - another brilliant recap. Have you ever considered writing this goofy stuff instead of computer code? Makes me wonder how funny your codes are.
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    But being blue is more work.
    Thanks JD. I certainly enjoy writing more than I enjoy coding, but unless I get a heck of a lot better at writing, it isn't going to pay the bills. So, I code. And trust me, data warehousing ain't funny. :nono

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    Yay! Hank won! I didn't get to watch it, so your recap was nice.


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    Excellent job Wayner!! Your awesome!

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    Wayner, are you sure you haven't seen the show before?

    You nailed it right-on with Mcfayden. When the show opened the first thing I noticed was his hair! Wonder what the recipe for the 'do was?
    2 parts motor oil (1 part for each flattened-down side)
    1 part honey (for sticky-up top)
    Combine in blender and whip for 2-3 minutes

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