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Thread: Are Hank & Lisa in love with each other?

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    I don't think being in love is enough of a basis for marriage, anyway. I think they are probably in lust and are beginning to feel that they are falling in love. I look back on my high school and college days and think how many times I felt that way, like this guy was really THE ONE, and then changed my mind in a month or two, and I shudder at the thought of two people getting married on just that basis. Of course, if they are willing just to have a sham marriage to get a million dollars, then that's another thing. But they keep pushing the idea that she is after her soul mate and partner in life, so I think she really needs to have conversations in depth with him about stuff like how long he wants to try this organic farm, whether he really expects her to work or expects her to quit work, who will take care of the checkbook, whether or not they like pets, if they've ever considered adopting children and how many they would like to have, etc. Little things like that. Instead, they are on a romance rush and they haven't talked about practical things, and marriages that are only based on being in love often don't last (I've been married 15 years and I'm very happy, and we talked out everything first.) My husband is a social worker/therapist, and he has always said that the biggest factor in divorce is that people have unrealistic expectations of marriage, and they don't talk about the real issues first. (BTW, this is one reason why I never read fairy tales that had a prince sweeping away a princess to my child).

    I would like to see a show where they can get engaged if they wish at the end, but they don't get the money until a year later, if they are willing to get married THEN, and if there is proof that they have an actual relationship during that year. I would also make seeing a marriage counselor part of the deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealVoyeur
    Are Hank & Lisa in love with each other?
    NO! and that's why it's so sad......... for us tv viewers...... we know the match with Hank and Lisa is a fraud so might as well go with Robert and Lisa.... which I would love to see happen! The drama that would've played out it would've been better than PH!

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