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Thread: Final Poll: Two Questions. Who do you WANT to win? Who do you think WILL win?

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    The casual attitude about voting by CBS is one reason why I voted for Robert. Maybe it is rigged. Lisa and her friends clearly knew who they did not want to win and skewed votes by ripping those guys apart while only heaping words of praise on Hank for doing nothing of real interest.

    I want Robert to win but I think Hank will win. I still am not convinced that Hank wants to propose even for a possible million dollars to buy his dream farm and vineyard. Even his overnight date was all about what Hank wants. Lisa can be his yes gal.

    If Robert did Cupid 2 the show would be so naturally hilarious that he would not need tasteless friends to rip his dates apart. Based on the ratings for this show, I think most viewers were so turned off by the lifeless Lisa and her biatch friends that they tuned out this show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by surprise twist
    Well of course they wouldn't reveal it beforehand - but they don't reveal it afterwards either, do they? And they don't have an independent agency verify the results like you would a petition, either.

    We just have to take their word for it, really.
    You make a good point. I would love to know which person had the most votes on American Idol each week, and I don't get why they don't just reveal that sort of thing after the competition is over. (Did Josh win country night; did Ruben win Motown night, etc.?) I'd be interested in even just the rankings from week to week on Cupid. Votes do shift as people get voted off. If they'd gone all the way down to 1, instead of stopping at the best of 4, then I think Hank would win for sure because most people who had been voting for the other guys would shift to Hank as their guy got cut. (The people voting in Lisa's best interest wouldn't be splitting their votes among multiple people anymore.) As it is, I think it's a real toss up who will win.

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    I'd really like to see Evan win. It bothers me that the supposed premise of this show is that America is suppose to decide who is best for her, but that isn't the way it is happening. If they wanted Lisa to pick then they should have done some kind of Rose Ceremony. She's definitely leaning toward the wrong guy, and let's all remember that at the beginning she said that she has been picking the wrong type of guys and wanted to see what America would pick. Well apparently she wants to stick with her bad string of judgments and pick Hank.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 30something
    ... let's all remember that at the beginning she said that she has been picking the wrong type of guys and wanted to see what America would pick. Well apparently she wants to stick with her bad string of judgments and pick Hank.
    Good point! That was the crazy premise of this show, which they have now abandoned completely.

    Episode 1: "Lisa has made some lousy choices, so you choose for her America!"

    Episode 9: "Lisa wants Hank. Vote for Hank. Shame on you if you don't pick who Lisa wants."

    Maybe Lisa threatened to walk, who knows - it's clear that when Lisa doesn't get what she wants, she sulks. (Note her behavior on the Robert dates.) But if they have a Cupid 2, I for one am not going to waste my time voting. They can only pull that ploy on me once.

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    I would not exactly call Robert's dates awe inspiring for the most part. Except for the dates that centered around her family's visit, and his friends dinner, the others were TERRIBLE (that's why his fans found him amusing). As I remember, Hank's dates did not start out lust inspiring...Evan and Dominick were alot quicker to move in on Lisa..heck Laura and Kimberly had to goad Hank to kiss her. Part of Hank's success was that while there were some lackluster dates, there were no true disasters..especially along the lines of the Hawaiian fajitas and the burnt bratwurst with her family.

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    Hey don't be making fun of those fajitas and burnt bratwurst! Those boys worked darned hard making sure those delicious meals helped distance them from her family and the possibility of marrying one of the most boring women they no doubt have ever had to date. Not that that kept them from putting the moves on her, of course, being that they are the only two red-blooded HOT men on this show!

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    Hope: Hank
    Will: Not sure... it's a toss up.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Yory Boy
    Ok, I'll answer first, but I'm gonna cheat a little.

    I WANT ROBERT to win (cuz he's hilarious)
    I think HANK WILL win.

    But, if I was her friend and had to pick who's best for Lisa I'd actually say Evan.

    Every else vote!
    The BEST thing for Lisa would be for Dominic or Evan to win since she would have a truly enjoyable personable caring and fun fiancee; unfortunately that would be about the WORST thing for Dominic or Evan, who would have to look forward to a life with a stick woman.'

    So I guess I gotta go with Robert if I haven't already, for the one I both want and think will win.

    And Hank? If you want to open a winery, here's a hint--go work for one for a couple of years to get some experience to see how much hard work is involved and then go borrow the money from the bank and BUY one with a loan.

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