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Thread: Counting up the absurdities......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasant56
    What you said was entirely true, but correct me if I'm wrong.. Did Robert try and get lisa into a motel?
    Robert took champage and the dessert after dinner "to go" to enjoy in their hotel room or outside or whatever. Then Lisa dissed him.

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    I thought she acted like she wanted to escape everyone but Hank on the last dates. But then her permanent expression seemed to be a sheepish smile most of the time, so it was hard for me to tell what she was thinking or feeling. I do think there was a good possibility she spent the night with Hank, though.

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    I think if Lisa did the deed with anyone it was Hank. And heck, CBS made sure that was the impression you got with them leaving the cabin together the next morning.
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