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Thread: 9/9 Episode Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by fallsplendor
    I completely agree with you supergirl, I don't understand what people's big beef is with Lisa. And definitly don't get why everyone finds Robert so appealing. He acts like a girl half the time (btw, I'm a girl), crying and what not. If I were on the show he would have been gone a long time ago. And he is crazy for not seeing that Lisa is not interested in him.
    thanks fallsplendor! i know and have met plenty of reality show contestants and the ones i KNOW have all gone in it for good reasons. sure some have STARS in their eyes, and do it for exposure, but these people have done these contests to test themselves and to see if they have what it takes. there are GOOD PEOPLE on reality shows -- just look at jack on bb4. people are too quick to jump on the fact that there is money involved. well this was a different concept and a new idea and if i was single i might find it fun myself. i am sure i would NOT have thought that america would force me to be with a creep (sorry but i DO think he is phoney) like robert, but would all be fairytale addicts like myself and want a happy ending! this USED to be the norm, we wanted to see people happy and to see them get the money -- why do we always root for the "good" people to win on every other show and NOT this one?!

    to each their own, but money always makes things more attractive for most people. at least there is a challenge involved instead of hey i will do ANYthing to get on tv, you don't have to give me a "prize," just let me go on tv and get myself some free publicity -- just look at the majority of original ph guests, i don't think they CARED if there was a prize or not!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PIMguy
    ...isn't [Robert] the only man who, on national TV, proclaimed his love for Lisa? I don't think I've heard anyone else do that. Hmmmmm. (and if you say it's too soon to use the "L" word, then it's too soon to get married!)
    Well said!!!

    That's pretty bad if Hank & Lisa get married next week, consdiering they've never told each other they loved each other (and who can blame them for not being able to say that yet?)

    The bottom line is that it's too soon for ANY of these people to get married... they barely know each other! I've said it before on here and I'll say it again-- it is wrong wrong wrong wrong to push anyone to take that serious step of marriage unless they KNOW they are right for each other!!!

    Especially given the fact that Lisa has said time and time again that she immediately wants to start squeezing out babies as soon as she gets married, even if she does barely know the man she's marrying, I think anyone who does vote for Hank is doing not only Lisa & Hank a disservice, but especially to these children who don't deserve to be born to two parents who don't know or love each other... At least Lisa & Hank are adults who should know better, but it will be very sad if their selfishness in their rushing into marriage for the sake of winning the million dollars ends up harming their children...

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