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Thread: Does anybody know what jingles Lisa wrote?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crystal76
    LOL They might be stupid ads...but we remeber the dumb ads....the jingles stay in our heads and thats what they want It's like the dumb Gieko ad where the really pretty woman has the lil lizard and the romantic song is playing....OMG i hate that stupid Ad...
    Well I was stuck in a car once two hours away from the nearest rest stop after drinking about a gallon of coffee, with that bladder-pill song stuck in my head. Gotta go gotta go gotta go gotta go gotta go gotta go RIGHT NOW.

    If I could have gotten my hands on the person who wrote that thing, they'd be the ones going - trust me. If Lisa wrote it, Joe was too good for her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyDayz
    She doesn't work for her Dad's agency, she works for one of the really big agencies, Campbell-Ewald. Don't know which jingles she may have written, but she's won some awards for some Chevy commercials. All this is in her bio at the CBS Cupid site.
    Like... er... a rock? (just kidding... she's far too young to have had anything to do with that campaign)

    Bio says she's been a media buyer and a copywriter. Really, that means its very possible she's never done anything as trite as write jingles, since most commercials don't use jingles these days.

    Hey Lisa is the same Zodiac sign as me. Guess I made a mistake not applying for the show, eh? Oh wait... I'm also not willing to make a fool of myself on TV! Yeah, sorry, forgot that. :-)

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