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Thread: To the dimwit Americans that vote Robert!

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    I'd vote for Robert because I think he's the best guy at heart. Yes, he's different and is really flustered by Lisa, but he does not have his nose in the air and I think he's genuine. Not to sound like Roger Waters, but the other guys have too many WALLS up around them.

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    Hey how do you know about dame edna? Most americans have no clue who she is!!

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    Jughead Jones
    Quote Originally Posted by John
    Hmmm, I say, if you vote at all for this show, Simon's already won - it doesn't matter for whom you place the vote.
    Yeah...it just gives him an excuse to make Cupid 2!

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    nothing like the black kettle...eh, deewar? LOL, how hypocritically simplistic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deewar25
    Obviously I am impulsive and not really thinking. All my arguments for Robert are totally legit. Consider these unthought points:

    I vote for Robert because Laura is a b'tch and there is nothing better than giving it to her.

    I think Lisa deserves this because that's what she signed up for. She's nothing more than a money grubbing boring face on TV that should suffer for $1million.

    I vote for Robert because he provides entertainment that otherwise wouldn't be there.

    I think getting American to vote for a husband is a farce and this is your way of showing the world that you shouldn't mess with something so sacred.

    This is my way of saying 'screw you' networks - we've had enough with reality already.
    Hey, I agree with you completely in your above statement. Let's all just get this thing over with and VOTE ROBERT!!!

    VOTE ROBERT! Let's all thank deewar for his support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jughead Jones
    Yeah...it just gives him an excuse to make Cupid 2!
    Oh, please noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! FLOM 2 was bad enough!

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