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Thread: Meet My Folks… And Cook Them Dinner ~ Cupid Recap 9-2-03

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    Quote Originally Posted by cali
    Thanks for the kind words everyone.
    This was an interesting show, and fun to watch.

    Thanks for letting us know it was refried beans tgrimes29 as I honestly had no idea.
    It was those special hawaiian fajita style refried beans....

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    right behind you
    "Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something' -- Mitch Hedberg

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    Then we meet Lisa… well, I meet Lisa, everyone else has met her many times before. She is a pretty woman and I have to wonder why she has decided to do this show. I assume they have explained that in previous episodes, but I really can’t think of a good reason other than “I want my fifteen minutes”. Of course I’ve been out of the dating pool for over 17 years, so things may have changed a tad. Maybe this is the best way to meet your future husband.

    Great recap Cali!
    "George Oscar Bluth II, aka GOB, featured magician in the best selling videotape, "Girls With Low Self Esteem" invites you to enter his world.
    -- Arrested Development, Season III

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    Great recap Cali!

    as I said on another thread elsewhere in the forum
    my hats off to all of you recappers!

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    I enjoyed the recap, as I enjoy all of your recaps, but...

    Zsa Zsa was never the Gabor sister on the farm--Green Acres starred her sister Eva Gabor, Eddie Arnold, and of course--Arnold Ziffel, the pig.

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