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I don't know what is going to be on the show next week. It would be interesting to see Lisa do overnight dates with a total of five men a week before her TV wedding.
jealous? might be a sign that he does like her. tho' what's interesting is that this show reverses the usual dating/courtship scenario where the guy is always in control. most of the finalists are very masculine men - ie, guys who don't enjoy having the power in their relationship removed from their own hands. and being picked apart in public by 3 women? sure, it happens in private, we ALL know what our friends' boyfriends are like in bed, but to have in happen on national tv? might be why robert is doing so well. because he's a drip.[/QUOTE]

'if it gets to nights away, i don't think i can do that' - hank.

That's what Hank said on the rooftop while groping Lisa, but then last week he told her to do whatever she has to do with the other guys when it comes to the overnight dates--hmmm, maybe Hank is getting cold feet now too!