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Thread: Fox news/Vendetta against Lisa?

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    I think America is voting for Robert because this is a TV show and no one really sees it as REALITY- but it is Lisa's own fault if she ends up with him because we all make choices in life and if she is stupid enough to make the decision to go on a show where she relinquishes control, what more can she expect??? And come on, no one REALLY LIKES Robert- he is purely there for the entertainment value!

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    Hank is the most boring person I ever seen.

    Think about it. A date fishing just to keep it simple.

    Almost no creativity on the children date.

    Nothing impressive and interresting with his friends at the bar.

    Yesterday he was the type of YES men. I am ready for marriage mister Shannon. But... was he realy interresting?

    And I am sure al women are interrested by the finances and the share market.

    So get ready Lisa. You will be respected, you will have a cute guy, you will be secure, with children (a good dad). But I am not sure you will have a good time. It will be the type of I love you/Me too relationship. Ouch!!! Exactly what you don't want.

    I find it so funny that they are saying that Dominic is not ready for marriage, and Renda is jungling with the future. They are great guys, fun, creative, and overall they have a future, don't worry for them.

    But it seems like Lisa is ready to get pregnant the day afetr the wedding. And they need to be established in a house already paid, etc... I think that she should think of having a good time for a year or two and then move to the real family and the boring I love you/me too thing.

    24 years old is the age to have a good time. Don't miss that.

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    I don't understand what everyone's beef about Lisa is either? I'm sure we've all had a friend or two who dated a person we depised do you keep that from your froend? Would you let your friend ruin their lives? No. Her's friends are there to weed out these men who are not good for her, granted they can be a bit cruel. I would hope that my friends would do the same for me. I think it's a horrible thing the people would vote for someone just to 'get back' at Lisa? What did she do to you? And aren't you stooping just as low as Laura and Kimberly by voting for someone Lisa obviously doesn't like? I'm sure Robert feels horrible after each epsiode (look how depressed he looks at the 'Bachelor' house) imagine how horrible he'll feel when, because of all of you, he's voted to marry Lisa but she chooses not to. All you Robert voters who are voting for him strickly to vindict Lisa, are just as creepy as he is.

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