Hank is no Luke Wilson and going bald. I have changed my opinion of him based on the last two episodes. I think he has a dark side based on his relationship with the other guys at the house.

The fact that he wants to quit his job to live on a farm while Lisa works is not impressive. Maybe you have made a valid point about his career. Maybe he has already quit his job and wants to buy a farm with Cupid dollars while Lisa supports him.

What type of losers did Lisa date in the past if they think Hank is her handsome dream man that she has spent a long time searching for. Hank is starting to sound like a nightmare.

I voted for Robert over and over again.

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Well put. You are one of the first people that doesn't think that Hank is "so handsome". I mean the guy has a big nose, a plain face, and is always totally greasy and shiny.

I, like Hank, work in the options trading business.. I know a few people down here on the floor who "knew" him two years ago.. where he has been since, I don't know.. maybe he is trading from an office.. If this is the case, he is most likely trading for a firm (not his own money) ..and I seriously doubt that they would give him this much time off. Days off are hard to come by in this industry because you make money by trading.. if you are not there to trade, or not there when the market is moving a lot, you won't make money. Plus, he has to manage his position (what contracts he continues to hold)...which needs to be constantly monitored. So I am thinking that Hank is no longer in this business.. or is not actually trading, rather doing more of a "clerking" role..

Hank sucks..he is such a phoney.

Vote Robert, and Vote Often for Robert.