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Thread: Who's next?

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    Stupid thing...

    EVERYONE in their life has burnt food at some point or other...and yes, even WOMEN do. Dominic may not be "mature" enough to marry Lisa, but who says she's "mature" enough to marry ANYONE either? 25 is still kinda young in *my* eyes, and she doesn't HAVE to marry ANY of these men...she only gets PAID if she does...so of COURSE, she will.

    Robert isn't creepy, he's just not American and has a hard time with the language and how American men should treat women. He needs lessons.

    Hank is her perfect match...IMO.

    Evan is her sexual match....IMO.

    Dominic is a sweet, nice guy who deserves better than this show and her.

    Renda just doesn't fit with her, IMO.

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    She doesn't seem mature enough to get married or have kids.

    I don't think Hank matches her. Ken did, though.

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    I think Rhenda will go next week.

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    Renda Must Go

    I will not be paying to see Renda and Lisa in New York. He will have to come up with another street hustle to fund ihs hitch hiking through Europe.

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