Ok, so here is how I see it breaking down for the next show:

Bottom Three:

- Renda
- Dominick
- Robert

While it pains me to see Robert in the bottom 3, I believe he will be. Hank and Evan are clearly the forerunners..and Joe seems to be holding his own. While we are beginning to see a different and creepy side of Hank, I still believe enough people are on his side. I think Joe is starting to fall off...he is starting to look too much like a wap car salesman...yet, he won't be in the bottom 3 next week.

So, who will be kicked off??


Renda is good at escaping the bottom 3, and Robert's support seems to be snowballing every week. Dominick is not only disliked by the girls, but he just does not seem to have a whole lot of fan support either.

You heard it hear first folks!

Let me know what you all think...