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Thread: why should the audience care what's best for lisa?

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    why should the audience care what's best for lisa?

    could someone please tell me why so many posters feel the need to continually call other posters cruel towards lisa for putting their own entertainment before lisa's happiness?

    has lisa done something that warrants putting her interests before ours for the hour that the show airs? has the show even made any attempt to show a quality of her's that makes her likeable beyond the superficial? sure she is pretty, has a good job, and obviously has enough hollywood connections to have landed this gig. that however does not immediately make her likeable to the viewing audience. she has yet to do a single thing that is endearing, far from it. instead she has allowed her friends to treat strangers like dirt on her behalf. she has allowed the producers of this show to use children like props so that she could benefit by learning how her potentials might behave as parents.

    it's easy to call the audience sadistic or mean spirited. but i haven't seen a single reason, on the show, or on these boards, why i should care at all about what's best for lisa.

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    Hello and you have every right to feel that way.
    You do not have to care one bit.

    And I do not think anyone is cruel because I am always going to say what I think about this show and so can anyone else. I like watching all the drama and the laura put downs - if I was to go on TV I know that is the chance I would be taking - to be made a fool of in front of the world - no pain no gain! Also this show is funny and I see it as lots of laughs and yes laura does go too far - so has anyone fired her yet - no I do not think so - she is a Simon double - and you know what that means - he is making some big bucks. Remember - this is a Simon Cowell show and you know that means trouble. Simon loves nastyness and so do a lot of other folks since they are all watching. It does not make things right but we can love it or hate it.

    I respect your opinion and go ahead and blast the idiot show - but I am still going to be watching and who knows if Lisa will get the right man or not. They are all in it for the money and maybe some of them will find true love along the way.

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    I agree, I don't think that the American public has the right to ensure Lisa's happiness. I mean, she's the one who went on the show knowing that the American public would be voting on these men, she put herself in the situation where it might not turn out how she would want it to. I don't think there's any harm in her dating Robert as long as it makes for good tv for the viewers, that's what this show is about, I don't think it's REALLY about making a match for Lisa. Ugh, now I'm babbling, all to say, she put herself in this situation and she better learn to live with what America decides.

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    Your basic premise is that people, in relation to other people, begin at the starting point of denigration or objectification rather than empathy. This, of course, is your prerogative, but I have no desire to know you or anyone like you at any point in my life.

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    Well bla-sed, anyone who takes a cheesy reality show so seriously is a person I'm not particularily interested in meeting either.

    I did not sign any contract with Cupid making it my obligation to ensure Lisa's happiness. By simply watching the show, the onus is not mine to put Lisa's interests above my own.

    Your basic premise is a moral obligation exists between the viewer and participants of a TV show. I am not sure if I have ever heard of anything so absurd. This is not life, this is TV, and yes, objectification is intergral to the premise. Hence Lisa and her friends are not huge repugnant cows, but instead are thin stereotypically attractive American women. This ensures that the male participants are also easy on the eyes. The denigration is also a standard part of the premise in today's modern freak shows whereby the viewers feel a superiority at the end of the program knowing they are not the ones who decided exposing your private life to millions of people is a *good* idea.

    Like it or not, this is the entertainment biz, and since you have such a vague understanding of it, I recommend never seeking employment in the industry.

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    We should try to help Lisa out because we're sympathetic. That's all.

    Personally, I wouldn't have been interested in being the "Cupid girl" but I can see the attraction of having a network pay for and help you undertake a nationwide search for potential boyfriends/mates that you probably wouldn't otherwise meet. It probably seemed fun and exciting to Lisa, and at age 25, she can probably afford to lose a few months on this search. It's probably become much more frustrating to her than she imagined at first because she probably didn't anticipate that there'd be people voting very hard for someone who is a bad match for her just for their own personal enjoyment of seeing others in awkward positions or humiliated. (Who'd expect that?) She also probably didn't realize how emotionally draining it is to date more than one person at once, especially as the relationships deepen.

    Lisa is probably not a "bad person." For that matter, Robert probably isn't a bad person either. Forcing them to remain in a dating relationship is, however, a bad thing. Why do that? Because the voter rejoices in humiliating Robert and frustrating Lisa? Even if the reason is to "send a message to CBS," votes for Robert still torture Robert. What does that say about the voter?

    Be better.

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    I feel no sympathy for Lisa whatsoever. I see no attraction in this setup as a way to find a mate and I find it rather naive that anyone believes this is a plausible way to actually meet your ideal husband.

    She must be pretty dense if she never even imagined the voters would not have her best interests at heart. I guarantee you CBS was well aware of this fact and it was this expectation that gave the show its merit.

    I frankly don't care if the show has lived up to her expectations or not. That is not my problem. She is not the first person to participate in a show like this and she could have done some research about the TV "reality" experience prior to participating to see if this was the right thing for her.

    That voters enjoy humiliation and discomfort merely demonstrates that they are watching to be entertained. No big surprise here. How many syrupy sappy shows are huge hits? Not many.

    I spend my time caring about people around me as there is no shortage of real pain in life. TV is my downtime, it is my relief from life, and I will treat it as such.

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    Quote Originally Posted by overthetop
    Be better.
    I AM better. I married the woman I love. I decided to raise two children with the woman I love. I did not go on a game show to find my mate, professing to want to have children with whatever fool the public chose for me. I didn't line-up ten women, date them all for a few months, have my friends rake over the coals the ones that did not meet my standards, and leave the choice up to millions of people. I did not sign a contract that promised me a million dollars if I stayed with the final contestant for a year.

    By voting for Robert, I feel that I am helping Lisa. She needs to learn a lesson about how to find love and why people get married and have children. It shouldn't be for a million dollars, it shouldn't be because this guy got the most votes on a game show. It would be a harsh lesson if Robert wins, but maybe Lisa and her friends will finally grow up. If you ask me, she will not find true lasting love in this group of men. It's pointless to care.

    Or, I could be wrong and I'm just a jerk for voting for Robert. What do I know?

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    Oh please... even if this is a love game show nevertheless this is still just a "game" show. Are you telling me that a stunning beautiful girl like Lisa can't find a man on the street and has to go on to a game show to find true love ?? that's just bunch of craps.

    This is what it is.. She is doing this for publicity(which she will get) and may be at the chance of pocket one million dollars. This is never about love.

    Vote for Robert.

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    I don't pretend to understand why Lisa did this but I do know that finding love actually seems to be hard for some people.

    I married my high school sweetheart 30some years ago and we have raised a family and are now grandparents. I have alot of friends in their late 20s and early 30's who aren't married and seem to have a really hard time finding that special someone. These aren't awful girls or guys either, they are attractive, nice people with good jobs. So why is it so hard??? If a silly game show is a way to meet someone why is it any worse than hitting bars and taking chances on people that haven't been screened.

    I think keeping the guys that she doesn't click with is just childish & vendictive. In Roberts case it is just cruel to both people. I personally haven't called for anyone but I won't be mean enough to call for someone just because they didn't get along.

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