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Thread: Something strange I noticed during last week's dates...

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    Something strange I noticed during last week's dates...

    Okay in three of the groups (thats all I can remember off the top of my head) there seemed to be a kid that looked like a younger version of the guy. In Renda's date the little boy who said he had a camp counselor attitude seemed like a miniature version of him, in Ken's date that kid with the big body and tiny head looked like Ken in that same aspect, and the boy that Joe gave the money to reminded me of him. Hahah did anyone else notice this? I cant remember the other dates very well...

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    I just replayed Evan's and Dominick's dates. It looked like Evan really didn't have a boy who looked like him there. They focused on comments from girls. Dominick's group did have 2 dark haired boys, with one possibly passing for a little Dominick. I can't remember who was in Hank's group

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