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Thread: Am I alone

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    Am I alone

    Am i alone in thinking that the episode with the Kids was the stupidest test of parenting ability ever? Last i checked children hardly ever come out of the womb 3 feet tall and ready to back talk. The fact that these woman would judge a man's parenting ability based upon this scenario is would be downright laughable if it wasn't so frightening that they seemed completely serious about it.

    I think that the fact Lisa thought this would actually be a good method to judge how ready for children the men are says volumes more about her own unreadiness to have children than it did about any of the men.

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    Nope...how correct you are. If this is what Lisa thinks is a good test for the father type, she is not mature enough to actually have children. If this was the test for parenthood, then there are millions of 13 year old babysitters that think they are in the position to have children now.

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    i loved how Lisa seemed so serious and was intent on ensuring the guys showed their 'fathering' (read putting up with other people's kids i.e. acting).

    no one got to Bland Lisa prove her stuff cause 'one day [she] wants kids' (one magical day). i love my kids but put me in a roomfull of other people's kids and I would toss em out hte window

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    Of course you are not alone MJ.

    That was really a test in showmanship and creativity, not parenting. Give me a break. And the friends took it so seriously - as if something a guy did in this silly test would permeate his every fatherly action for the rest of his life.

    And Lisa looked extremely uncomfortable around the children. She looks like she will be one of those mom's who are more interested in children as accesories, rather than as people.

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    You're not alone.
    It was stupid.
    They didn't even all get the same kids to deal with.
    It was crap.

    I agree with Sunny, Lisa looked really uncomfortable.
    They are assuming the woman will be a good parent whereas the man has to "prove" he'd be a good father.

    I wish the guys would walk off this show.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    I thought it was a cute date idea... but as a parent test - stupid.

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    Definitly not alone in your opinion. They weren't their own children, so they didn't have a real bond with them. Also for someone who wants children so badly and whose friends are so judgemental of the men's interactions with the kids, she sure didn't seem the motherly type. She almost cringed when the girl came and asked if she wanted some glitter in her hair.

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    It was stupid of Lisa and Laura to berate these guys for not getting the kids under control. I mean, what authority do these guys really have over these kids? (who probably already have their own agents)

    Did Laura expect the guys to get into a Chris Farley type rant about how they could end up living in van down by the river?

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    Wow. This is some mean crowd.

    1. The kids test wasn't Lisa's idea. I'm sure that others, producers perhaps, are planning the whole show out way in advance and that Lisa has no say about the kinds of dates they go on.

    2. I didn't hear Lisa berating anyone.

    3. I agree that it's not a test of parenting but it is a test of getting along with children, which isn't a bad thing for a spouse to be able to do.

    4. You guys are negative and just plain mean.

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    It was a good idea. We learned some things from it.

    Dominic's not ready to have kids. Lisa probably isn't either, no matter how much she wants to have a dress up doll.

    Ken lacks the ability to come up with a good idea.

    Lisa thinks she's an actress, but all she can do is make excessively overdone facial expressions that are rude at best.

    Robert is creepy.

    Laura's a bitch. Kimberly's not much better.

    Hank's too good for Lisa.

    Maybe we didn't actually learn anything...

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