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Thread: Who's the right guy for Lisa?

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    Lisa appears to be a bit of an air head who is easily dominated by controlling people ie: her friends. She obviously hasn't a clue about men and their motivations ie: Joe.

    It is obvious who she is attracted to: Hank, Evan, Renda, and Dominic. The rest she is nice to but is NOT interested in - Robert, Ken, and Joe. She was interested in Paul and he's gone.

    What else is obvious is that people are not voting for who they think Lisa wants, but are trying to show their distaste for the process. That could result in a real problem for Lisa. Hope she's prepared for ending up with Joe or Robert!

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    I agree with you to an extent, but there's plenty of men who are physically appealing but are not Robert.

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    Nothing on television would give me more joy than seeing Lisa wind up with Robert. The whole idea of letting someone else pick your spouse is ridiculous and she doesn't deserve some of those guys anyway. She's boring and she has the most monotous voice and annoying facial expressions.

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