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Thread: America purposely voting for Robert?

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    The 'mockery of marriage' as you guys put it of shows like this and heteros everywhere like JLo & Elizabeth Taylor & Liza etc... just prove that you should let gays have a crack at it too... At least on Boy Meets Boy, you dont see anyof this bs

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    Why would you even think of voting for Robert? If you think the show is a mockery, don't watch it. I don't know if it's the best way to meet a spouse, but I agree with psucashcow, if people voted for the best match it could work out. There are a few guys on the show that I think could make a go of it with Lisa.

    I felt awful for Lisa last night. It was painful to watch her as three of her favorites stood there on the block while creepy Robert and just not her type Ken were sitting pretty. I think Lisa has ruled Dominic out in her mind too, she finally decided he was too young for her!

    I'm an avid fan of these reality shows, but voted for the first time last night. 2 votes for Hank, 2 votes for Evan and 1 vote for Renda. I don't think she wants Robert, Ken or Dominic, and I just don't see it working out with Joe. If Paul wouldn't have gotten ousted due to troll-dom last night, I'm pretty sure I would have given him a vote or two as well.

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    Just my two cents ... Seems to me that voting for Robert is a punishment people see fit for Lisa and her friends and for whatever voters think Lisa has done wrong. I'll agree her friends are cruel in their delivery of feedback to the guys, but that's them, not Lisa. Besides being bland, what's her crime? As a Canadian who can't vote, I just wonder if this is the kind of mean image that voting American's want to portray to the world. Doesn't look too classy from my side of the continent. Also, what about Robert who seems to genuinely care about Lisa ... is it fair to him to suit him up with a woman who so obviously dislikes him? The guy's obviously got some major insecurities and I think it's cruel to use him as a pawn in voter's war against Lisa and her friends.

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    OK...what makes good TV? Would we watch a soap opera if nothing bad ever happens and it was all just a perfect life for all involved...probably not. Is this a game show...the winner receives the hand of Lisa who has a million dollar price tag attached? What makes us watch this show now? The crusty women sitting the right of Lisa and Robert's clumsy attempt at courting is why we watch this show. If this show loses any of these two major aspects, then the show will become as drab as Lisa. There is no better TV then this interactive media in which we can control the aspects of the exchanges every week. Why give to this woman what is to easy for her, I think she's been given enough all her life...this time she'll have to earn that million, and Rob will keep us entertained for weeks ahead...she chose to commit to offer herself to the whims of the shows audience, what would make better TV for all of us, but to stick it to her...and piss off her friends...which we all love to watch happen. What message does this give the world around us...we are really not that naive...

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    first, what about Lisa makes you think she deserves anyone better than robert?

    second, if she didn't want to end up with a man like Robert, then she probably shouldn't have left her major life decision up to the whim of a fickle american television audience.

    third, it's only fair that the most pathetic man should win the most pathetic reality tv show on tv..

    fourth, i'm voting for robert as much as i possibly can, any woman who let's her friends treat her suitors the way lisa let's her friends treat the men in cupid deserves the worst possible mate that can be found.

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    Quote Originally Posted by levi_d
    Is there some pathetic army of you people who are trying to make a mockery of marriage? Within 10 minutes, I've read 3 different posts about why we should vote for Robert and it's a bunch of crap. I don't need to explain it again, but I'm just amazed.
    This show makes a greater mockery of marriage than anything us posters could ever do.

    Vote for Robert!!

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    Interesting thought...

    You know, a thought just occurred to me. I think these Robert supporters might be the guys who tried out for the show and got rejected immediately. You know, Grandpa Gladiator, Stick Boy, and the umpteen million "I just wanted to be on TV" guys.

    All these suitors VOLUNTEERED and AUDITIONED to be on this show. They knew what it was about when they got it line. If your only criteria for disliking Lisa is that she is looking for a hubby on TV, well, all these guys signed up to compete for a wife on TV, just as "bad".

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    I can agree with that...but if we are looking at the men now...what man deserves it more...who has taken more crap for being human...who needs it more then any other...poor Robert...

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    I think it is funny that people are taking this so serious and
    getting upset. I haven't voted and won't just because I am
    not interested in voting. But I find it hysterical that people
    would vote for Robert. To me it is peoples way of saying
    that the 3 girls (yes 3 - Lisa makes her feelings perfectly
    well known with all of her boring but overdone facial expressions)
    are going about it the wrong way and if they want people to
    vote their way - they need to change their approach.

    That said - it isn't about Marriage at all and it is funny some believe
    it is. It is a game show - nothing more. There is a cash prize
    and a lot of pretend play that love is involved.

    Maybe next week instead of including the audience in who they
    direct their ugly words to - they will actually reflect on what they
    can do to get the audience to vote with them and not against them.
    My guess - and the live audience backed this up - is that most
    people don't like or agree with the two "friends".

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    Excellent points 4-me. There really is no incentive for the audience to vote for Lisa & co's wishes at all. Watching their devastation and anger is the best entertainment this show has to offer. And chastising the audience like errant children only serves to increase our utter lack of sympathy for Lisa.

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