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Thread: 8/19 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Seriously, I know this show was created as a "harpies" kinda show, with the two friends being hideous and awful...but jeez. I've watched the show twice, and I want to beat both the friends up. Lisa seems sensible, if a bit bland...how on EARTH did she get these friends?

    Or are these friends not friends at all but bitchy actresses who've auditioned one too many times for Friends and gotten the boot?

    Seriously, though...it's one thing to critique a guy, it's another thing to tell a guy on live TV that Lisa nearly threw up in his face.

    I wish there was some way I could vote to have Robert forced to marry...um...the friend on the left. Can't remember her name.

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    Morals? Creepy? who cares? not me!

    I care about the fact i laughed out loud at Lisa kissing Robert. HA I laughed again just thinking about it. now that is entertainment. how much does she want that million dollars? poor girl has to endure creepy robert, i would kiss the guy for a millions dollars

    maybe I should vote for Hank so she has a happy life and good looking kids with her million$. maybe not. watching her squirm for her million and having robert finally telling her harpy friends to stfu is worth giving him the win. i can just imagine it now

    (austrian accent) "Laura if you do not shut your fat mouth i will take away your tanning bed priviledges thus depriving you of that hideous tan"

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    Quote Originally Posted by overthetop
    Everyone--do the moral thing. Vote for everyone, except Robert for a while to get him out of there and give Lisa a stinking break. Then just vote for the person who's best for Lisa.

    I can't believe the tone of some of the messages I've read in the Cupid forum. Is it one extremely mean spirited person who's registered here at FORT under 4 or 5 different names?

    Give Lisa a break. Vote for people who really are pretty good for her.
    No way.

    The first thing I thought when I saw this show was it is an incredibly stupid thing to do if you are truly interested in finding the love of your life and getting married.

    Putting your presumably life long decision in the fate of America - does this sound like a wise decision to you? Ummm, no.

    It is entertainment for us, pure and simple. If people enjoy watching Robert make a fool out of himself and they vote for him, so be it. That is the risk she chose to make. Perhaps her decision was clouded by dollar signs, but griping about it now is too little too late.

    Bad decisions typically come with bad consequences.

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