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Thread: For any Cupid and Restaurant viewers

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    For any Cupid and Restaurant viewers

    If anybody watched the Cupid auditions and saw the 8/17 episode of The Restaurant, I need some confirmation. I was sure I recognized one of the comedians at the comedy club Pete performed at. He had black, curly hair and I think he's the comic that audition called Laura and Kimberly witches and Lisa a "trophy." Just wondering if any else noticed?
    Also I think Robert A. was on Last Comic Standing as one of the audience members in the bring your own audience stunt. Thanks!

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    I saw that comic on The Restaurant too. I couldn't get anyone in my house to agree with me, but I'm sure it was him. Does that put him in the "character actor" role or is he still "real?"

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    Yes, the short tubby guy with long curly black hair who introduced the waiter to the comedy club audience and then took him off definitely auditioned for Cupid! My husband didn't remember him but I did. He was obnoxiously trying to be funny on the audition and I think is the one who called the girls "bitch, trophy, bitch" respectively.

    I'm sure Robert A. was in the audience of the last comic standing because he seems to be/have been EVERYWHERE!!!

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    Yeah I think I remember that guy. My god why would he even think he could be with a great looking lady like Lisa. He was really in the wrong class room that day.

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