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Thread: Robert on Blind Date

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    Ah, then I am mistaken, and apologize. I will unlock the other thread, and conversation of that appearance can resume there.

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    Thanks for the link. Is Robert in one of the videos listed on this website.
    I've only glanced at the video with the Chippendale dancers. I'm looking for Robert in a G-string.

    Quote Originally Posted by IheartCupid
    Actually there is a completely separate and unrelated-to-Blind-Date show called Girls Behaving Badly that airs on the Oxygen channel (see http://www.oxygen.com/girls/?slot=nav for more info), where a couple of comediennes play Candid Camera type of pranks on unsuspecting people with help from others--this is the show Robert played a stripper as part of a prank during a bridal shower.

    There is a show called Blind Date Uncensored that shows more of Robert, and that one IS part of the Blind Date productions.

    Sorry for this boring conversation, John--

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